Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mid-June Thrifting, plus Custom Paint Update.

"Um! H-Hi!"
This is Stormer, aka Mary. She's another custom attempt I made, using a Moxie Girlz head, a posable Bratz body, and (unwittingly) two very different types of blue hair.

She's based on the character from Jem, and represents my first attempt at a 100% from scratch faceup. She's shy, don't stare too hard.I obviously didn't do her makeup to the 100% super 80's authentic Misfits look, but honestly I think she looks sweeter without it.

Rapunzel met up with her on the shelf recently while I was moving things around, so I thought it might be fun to let them show you some of my latest thrift shop acquisitions!

Alright, we'll pretend it's fun, anyway. Don't look at me like that!

First up, we have a bed! Stormer was really excited about this initially. There are grand notions of what could be done with the Little Tykes mansion I got for free (missing the door!), and the notion of actual honest to goodness furniture made it seem like the inspiration bug might finally make me reclaim the house from the two household cats. There was just one problem.

"I'm gonna need more than a blanket.."
This bed is for a 1960's or 70's Ginny doll.. and even though she's short, Stormer just isn't short enough to make it work. Maybe if she could take off those giant boots?

As long as she doesn't actually lay down on it, the bed could make a good prop, though. Too bad it's not just a bit bigger.. Rapunzel can use the headboard for a seat!

"Spot you? Spot you?! Are you NUTS?!"
I also found this ladder! I'm not sure what it was originally for, but it looks a bit out of scale for the dolls.Maybe from a Christmas climbing Santa?

"Look! Look! I'm 'Generic 80's High School Senior Portrait Pose #12!"
It makes a fun background piece, though. No way was I going to let it languish in that store room! I should have had Eugene give it a whirl, to see how he looked with it.

It's not *terribly* over-big, but it does sort of make you look twice.

I'd seen this case a few times while browsing the store, and never really thought much of it. While I was stuck in line on this trip, I decided to open it up and see what the "all" was that it encompassed.

Ribbons! Florist's wire! Wooden half-eggs(!?) Random doll hair! Ribbon roses! Originally, it was all a huge wad that barely fit in the case, but after tossing some of the stained, broken, or otherwise trash bits, this is what's left. And it's still a LOT! I'm not sure what kind of doll hair these two big tangles of curls are. Nylon, maybe? It seems to be the stuff they sell at Michael's and Hobby Lobby.

I also snagged a partially used baggie of plastic stuffed animal beads, a bag of more doll hair, and a couple of sacks of moss.

Rapunzel's favorite thing was the ribbon roses.

My latest attempt at painting a Monster High doll (model car primer, after acetone wipe down and light sanding. Matte sealant) has been a mixed bag. The paint looks great (if a little texturey) on the doll, but once again, the paint scrapes off in the joints. Even after two coats of sealant, it only took about a half dozen knee bending experiments to start the paint flaking off.

You can see some of the paint flakes on the sheet under Frankie.

Here you can (barely) see the large flake that's come off her shoulder. I'm not sure where to go from here. Paint pens or auto interior spray paint? I've heard good things about the auto paint, but I've heard good things about the Krylon Fusion that disappointed me, too.

Just to end on a higher note, I'll say that so far, my attempt at using Crayola Model Magic for putting horns on a MH head has held up wonderfully! I'll probably go around them with a bit of glue just to make them seat a little better before I start rehairing this first head, just to be sure. Has anyone ever tried sanding Model Magic? I'm curious if I can do some things with texture. 


  1. That Storm is super duper uber cool! I'm a huge Jem fan and I would love to see something like her at a fans convention or something. She's really precious.

    I've never used Model Magic so I don't know. I have sanded modeling paste, paint and even mod podge using 400 grain sandpaper though.

    1. Ha ha, thanks! I had a hard time doing her face, and her eyes especially. I'm so disappointed by how her hair came out. Ignorance is definitely NOT bliss when it comes to knowing what you're doing with doll hair!

      My Model Magic experiment actually never ended up getting sanded, since I realized that I could fake some depth with darker paint. I'll probably have to try it out on the next one though. Thank you for the tip, I'll see if I can scrounge up some 400 grain to have on hand for it!

  2. Storm is ADORABLE!!!

    You know, I have the same problem with spray paints when I'm trying to redo furniture... no matter how long I let it sit, it flakes. I'm wondering if you don't need to prime everything first and THEN spray? Maybe primer doesn't rub off as easily?

    But, then will the spray just rub off the of the primer? EGADS.

    As for Model Magic, I'm assuming it's not the same as the super lightweight Model Magic, foam like stuff they used to make that just air dries? I've used the foam like stuff before... and when I tried to sand it, it fell apart 0_0


    1. Well, I was a little afraid that the paint would end up really thick around the joints doing that. I think I will strip off what I've tried and give primer + paint a go, though. Why not experiment, lol?

      Yes, that's exactly the stuff I have. Eeek! I think I'll try sanding a test bit just to see if it still falls apart, but not on something I wanna keep. Thank you for sharing your tip!

    2. Oh! And thanks for the praise on Stormer! XD

  3. Purr: I found a Bratz doll that had a white leather jacket in clearance, but I felt like 7$ was still too much for just the jacket, which was all I really wanted.

    1. Keep an eye out, they may crank those down to $2 just to get them out of the store. Remember when that happened to me last summer? If I'd had more money, I'd have bought every doll they had out there just for the clothes, lol!