Friday, May 24, 2013

The Figma of Haruhi Suzumiya

I've been coveting the super-detailed, fantastically articulated Figma figures ever since I saw them at my first anime con. Oh how I wanted one! But alas! They were $50 and up, even when I watched for them on eBay! And if you wanted a character you were interested in... well you might as well give up! Then finally, I struck gold. A Summertime Haruhi Suzumiya! And the opening bid was only $26, with FREE SHIPPING!

I took a chance. And I WON! I *never* win things like this, so it was a momentous event! I finally have a Figma of my own! Let's take a look at Haruhi, but first let me show you Rapunzel's new dress I mentioned last time.
Do not adjust your set, that really IS Daphne Blake's groovy getup from Scooby Doo. The funny thing is that Rapunzel looks pretty good in it. Just give her hair a flip at the ends, and she'll be ready to stumble into danger with the best of them.

Alright, let's have a look at Haruhi. I have to apologize for my pictures, they're worse than usual because the focus seems to be only working intermittently on my camera. Here's Haruhi with Rapunzel, to give you an idea of scale.
This Haruhi comes with two interchanging face plates, two heads/hair style sets, her desk plaque, a camera, her club leader arm band, five sets of matching hand sets, two extra unique right hands, a clear plastic stand, and a bag to store it all in.
Time for everyone's favorite game: Detachable heads!

Haruhi's hairstyles are her typical style (down), and a ponytail. Her face plates are a mirthful closed-eye laugh and a look of utter annoyance.

Here's how the head pieces break down. The neck plug is in the back of her "hair style" piece, the heads are made with slots that fit into those, and the front hair pieces are uniquely fitted to each hair style. You can't swap one set of bangs for the other, but you can trade face plates easy. You could even swap heads between different figures!

Haruhi is articulated at the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, (slightly) at the waist, hips, knees and ankles. Her lower legs have a bit of an odd bow to them which can make some poses such as having the legs straight down look downright weird from some angles.
They look fine for the most part though, and a pose where they look odd is easily fixed by angling one leg behind the other.
Wait, wait! Now I get to take a picture of YOU!
The skirt, collar and ribbons on her uniform are a soft plastic, so they can accommodate being pushed around a bit during posing.The range of motion for her upper arms and legs is hindered a bit by these pieces, however.
These are Haruhi's extra hands, which come with a nifty little holder. Two hands are made to hold something, but she didn't come with anything to fit in them.
Remove her arm band, and Haruhi can actually touch her face.

I'm pretty happy with Haruhi! Some things, like the weird slant of her legs, initially disappointed me. However, it became clear very quickly that she was very well made and extremely versatile. She's the perfect size to hang out on your desk at work or on your night stand at home. For the price I paid, she's an amazing value. Really, instead of quenching my desire to own a Figma figure, she's just made me want more. Mami Tamoe from Madoka Magica would be my next choice for one. Until she comes down similarly in price though, she's outside of my "crazy toys" budget.

The removable stand is a fantastic piece on it's own, allowing you to leave your figure posed in pretty much any outlandish way you can imagine.

A word of caution though, while eBay stalking for the past year looking for a Figma, I noticed that there are several fakes, sometimes labeled in the auction as "Chinese version". Be wary of your seller and check out their feedback thoroughly. I was prepared for this figure to be a knockoff or bootleg, but I'm pretty sure now that she's legit!

Bro-fist! Yeah!


  1. I think those dolls are amazing and I love all the interchangeable parts.

    1. They're really astounding, the amount of detail is fantastic and yes, the interchangeable parts are a huge draw! I wish it was in my budget to have about three dozen of them. They'd have adventures on my work desk all day long!

  2. Figma are awesome, aren't they? I have... uhm, too many of them, haha! Honestly, I just get ones I think are cute, I'm not even sure what anime they're from sometimes -_- I have an addiction.

    Your Haruhi is adorable!!!

    1. Figma are just amazing. I'm astounded at the detail and engineering that goes into them! I'd love to amass an army of them, but wow are they expensive!