Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another Thrift Store Thrill Ride!

I've made a few good discoveries on my last rounds of the local thrift shops. Some things for me, and a few for my existing toys. Let's start with this really cool teapot. I'm not really sure who it was made by, since the maker's mark on the bottom is a chinese(?) logo/name in red, but it's very pretty.

I thought I could get the gold tones in the pattern to show up by using the flash, but unfortunately it looks washed out instead. Camera novice mistake number one million and something. The image is a bit reminiscent of Chokin style decorative items.

There weren't any cups with it, which is kind of sad. I'm not sure if it's a decorative item or a functional one. On one hand, it's really beautiful and has that gorgeous gold on it. On the other, it has a strainer.
Leaf tea, here we come.
 I'm divided on the notion of trying to use it without knowing. Sure I just have $2 invested in it, but I don't want to ruin it! 
I also found this pretty lunch (bento?) box. The lid doesn't seal on it, but if you had something nice and level to carry it in, it would be a gorgeous way to carry your lunch. It's made of plastic, but I'm not 100% sure if it's microwave safe. Another $2 find.

I also found this really neat little school desk for $1! The legs and shelf are metal, and the entire desk is nailed/glued to the wooden base. The ink well and apple are glued to the top. Poking at the apple revealed that it's actually sitting in a round notch cut for it. So much for the idea of pulling those off and using it without!

It's just about perfectly scaled for 1/6 dolls, and very sturdy. A bit of prying reveals that at least some of the nails and glue holding it to the base seem to be coming loose. (yay!) Of course, that leaves you with the problems of getting the painted-on marks off the desk AND finding a chair to match. No luck on a matching seat, but I did happen upon a bag of recently-donated Barbies in cheaply made dresses which included these chairs:
There were two of these plastic chairs, which appear to be promotional items since they have the name of a business on them. They're not all that sturdy.
They're also underscale, but they DO stack very nicely! The dresses on the Barbies ended up being almost entirely unsuited for Rapunzel, they gap badly and are kind of ugly in general. There is one that she can wear though. Watch for that next post!

There was also a bunch of nursery stuff in that bag, along with a cute metal washtub. The rocking horse is missing the handles, but I think that could be repaired with some glue and a small dowel. The entire bag set me back a whopping dollar.

Last but definitely not least, I found this cute calico cat plush! S/he is missing the shorts or maybe skirt from the outfit. I think it *might* be from Build a Bear, or at least a similar store. $.25

This isn't from the thrift store, but I'm throwing it in anyway. This is the Iron Man 3 Heroclix figure given away for Free Comic Book Day this year. I think Eugene may end up being a Marvel Movie-verse fan, so he'll probably get this as a decorative model. Gotta give the poor guy something, right?


  1. This is some nice stuff! That desk is my favorite.

    1. The desk amazed me, I really wish that there was a seat that went with it.