Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Day Photos!

"This wind! So unruly!"
It's a beautiful day today, the sun was out, the temperature wasn't in the 30's, and even though the wind was fierce, it was gorgeous outside. I even went out to look for new shoes (and toys)! Didn't find any shoes, but I did happen on a Scaris Duece, and since he's the only one I've ever seen and was just $10, he came home with me. His seams are a bit sloppy, but if I keep him I'm probably going to try painting him (yes, I'm that much of a glutton for punishment), so I can always try sanding them a bit.

When I got home, the pretty day was still in full swing, so I thought I'd take a few pictures of two of my MH ghouls.
Rochelle is wearing a dress I made, modified off of a pattern set from Tarja Simpanen. ( I've previously used it on Draculaura, but I think it looks better on Rochelle. She rocks these colors!)

"Meh. Wind. What can you do?"
I originally bought Catrine intending to give her a makeover into a calico cat.. I still haven't done it. Her original colors are just so ridiculously pretty! One day though... One day I will do it! (Maybe)

Catrine's wearing her stock sunglasses, along with a skirt from a Winx doll and a Bratz top and Clawdeen's 1st release jacket. You can't see them, but she's also rocking the CAM black cat shoes. I've got Rochelle in CA Cupid's shoes, which go nicely with the colors in her bodice and look fitting for a romantic-minded girl like her.

Catrine and Rochelle have been hanging out together a lot on my shelf, along with Jinafire. Jin's been in dire need of a new faceup, and I'd really love to do some insert eyes on her. She looks so anti-social in her stock faceup that I didn't really care to haul her outside and find an angle that doesn't make her look like she's plotting murder.

By a happy coincidence, this (shoddily) homemade dress has just enough clearance in the back for Rochelle's wings!

"So then I told him, I don't pose in the nude, monsieur! I don't care HOW artistic it is..."
These two really seem to have hit it off. The more I look at Catrine, the harder it is to imagine getting rid of that luxurious lilac hair! She came with a lot of product in it, but it brushed out beautifully.

While I was out, I decided I'd take a few photos of China, too. She seemed pretty indifferent to the whole thing, really. She was interested in the seedlings, but I suspect that has to do with the decidedly "Godzilla smash!" look in her eye. Being tiny and fragile gives you issues, I guess!

All in all, not a bad day, even if I am still stuck with squeaky shoes and new grass stains.

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