Sunday, April 28, 2013

So many Victini's! A collection post.

So, I mentioned previously that I'd found an Unova region playset at the local thrift for $1?

Since that day, it's been sitting on my computer desk, patiently waiting for me to get off my butt and do something with it. Today was finally that day!

I have a large built-in bookshelf in my living room, and the largest of the permanently-size cubbies has been home to my Victini collection ever since the great break in this past summer. My poor pokemon were knocked into the floor by the person(s?) who broke into my house, apparently with the idea that I might be hiding jewelry or money or something valuable under a pile of plush and plastic. (Jokes on you fool(s), I HAVE no jewelry or money! HA!)

I do have an embarrassing amount of money tied up in my victini collection though. So, with that in mind, I decided to move them into the front room where they could get some protection by being positioned in front of the large front window. (Now I'm worried about UV exposure though! I just can't win!) This also means that anyone visiting me is pretty much shown exactly how big of a toy-lover I am. As if the Cars, R2D2/Star Wars, and assorted dolls weren't a big enough clue?

Anyway, I wanted to get ALL of the little v-eared critters to stay in that largest cubby, and use the Unova set as part of the display. Honestly, it would look better if I spread them out more, but that will mean cleaning out stuff. A project for this fall, perhaps?

Here they are! Abandon all macarons, ye who enter here!

I ended up splitting the Unova playset into two pices. The building/ferris wheel on one side, and the bridge/forest off towards the other. The set all together pretty much encompasses the entire cubby!

Ferris wheel 'tinis are having a blast. You can see a couple of cool customs I've gotten. The necklace and the sitting figure! (I wear that pendant with my charm bracelet!)

Some larger 'tinis sitting around. Cake!Victini on top of the tower! Thanks Jay!

Some smaller 'tinis say hey to Ash and Pikachu on the bridge. 

A few flats and smaller things under the bridge. 

Some plush 'tinis admiring Tomy-Victini's sweet ride.

Some smaller victini fellas in the trees. This one has a "fire gem". 

More tree-dwellers. They seem to like their new home. 

More large plush crowding to mug for the camera. 

My custom MLP victini and Victini charm bracelet. 

Smaller guys under the ferris wheel. Check out the cool little statue custom I got as a gift!

Had to add this straggler! I actually wear this charm bracelet and the pendant above on special occasions!

More small guys under the bridge! 

You know, having to move these little guys makes me appreciate just HOW MANY of them there are. I also have a couple of cards, some stickers and other flat items that aren't in this arrangement just because there's no space for them. 

My victini collection has made me VERY conscious of my Monster High collection. I'm trying very, very hard to only get dolls that I really, really want. Similar hair/makeup? Nope, I don't need it. Buying it just for the clothes (or worse yet, just for shoes)? Nope, I don't need it. 

Now if only the little butt-winged mascot could convince me to slow down on my *other* spending hobbies..


  1. Holy wow, what a huge, wonderful collection. It certainly looks like you caught them all. ^__^

    1. Ha ha, thank you! It's amazing once you start moving something around and discover just how much of it there is!