Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thrift store find: The bag o' "Sports Stuff"

I actually took these photos yesterday, so please ignore that Rapunzel's still in her "Pokemon trainer" outfit. She wants to be the very best, like no one ever was!

I made some fantastic finds yesterday at one of the more unpredictable thrift stores in town. First up, we have this really nice little sales counter. I'm not sure what this originally came with, a quick Google search didn't enlighten me at all.

Edit: Finally found it! This is the register piece from the 1997 "Cool Shoppin' Barbie set, which originally would have included a talking doll and several accessories. See the whole NIB set here, at ebay!

It's a check out counter with some shelf space in front and back, a small clothing rack attached to the side, and a cash register with a corded "scanner" and telephone. The scanner is apparently supposed to trigger a sound, but the old batteries had leaked all over the inside of this thing. Even after I cleaned it out and replaced them, the register has remained silent. There is a faint woodgrain pattern in the counter's plastic, so it might be fairly easy to stain into something halfway realistic!

The backside of the counter reveals extra storage space, along with the battery compartment (3 AA's) and speaker for the defunct sound feature.

"Don't make me use this! I don't know how!"
Rapunzel's pretty bummed that she can't make it do the exciting "boop!" sound like the registers at Wal-Mart, but the overall piece is still really nice.

But they all play country. Tsk.
Alongside this neat little thing was a molded plastic baby crib and a 4-wheeler that I considered then put back, and a baggie of assorted parts. I noticed a teeny tiny wrench in the bottom of the bag, and that sold me on the whole package. You will NOT believe how much stuff there was in that bag! 

This, for example, is JUST the radios/stereos that were in it.

Rapunzel can officially open her own radio store if she wants! There's six of these things, and that's just scratching the surface.

Radios are great, even if they're 80's/90's styled boomboxes, but what if I told you...

That she could open a whole electronics store!?

There's one set of Barbie walkie-talkies, a cardless phone, three cameras (one with neck strap), a purple walkman with detachable headphones and removable cassette, a belt-mounted cell phone, and... some... sort of device I haven't yet figured out in a Winnie the Pooh backpack..?

Oh, and a nice-sized pot of flowers.

Pretty awesome, right?

Punzie's not even sure what most of this stuff IS.


And you thought skating carhops were impressive!

And now you find out why the bag was labelled "Sports". Look at all this stuff. There's two ridiculously implausible skateboards, a Barbie sled (the steering bar moves!), a set of Barbie-type water skis, a set of snow skis with poles(!), a golf club, a baseball bat, a snorkel, a set of diving fins, soccer ball, Baywatch visor and life preserver, THREE frisbees, pail and two shovels, binoculars, a single handheld weight, and THEN there's a set of male snowboots, a playscale whistle on a cord, a medal on a pink ribbon, a helmet, and a matching set of rollerblades!

Holy. Freaking. Crap.

And I just noticed that I desaturated the yellow right out of some of these items while trying to compensate for a lamp. Okay, those snow skis, poles, and diving equipment? That's all yellow.

Yowza. We could have a fully-stocked sporting goods store with this lot! But WAIT! There's... say it with me... STILL MORE! Remember that wrench that sold me on buying what looked like a bag of mismatched odds and ends?

It was alongside this pair of cases.

Here's what was in the red toolbox, along with the wrench that started it all. All of these pieces fit into the box, which is well made! The shears and pliers open and close, and the handle on the box will swivel upright or lay flat!
"At last I can decapitate the lawn and bring those unruly hedges into line! Well, the hedges are going down, anyway!"
Some of the tools look a *little* on the small side for Eugene, but aren't too bad for Rapunzel. Bad news, Eugene.. Punzie's going to be in charge of home repairs!
"Doctor Rapunzel will see you now!"
Here's what was inside the doctor's bag. A clipboard, x-ray, bottles of "pills" and "cough syrup", reflex hammer, a handheld scope, thermometer, and a blood pressure cuff and watch. This stuff isn't as well made as the tools, but it's still pretty cute. I'm amazed that all these tiny pieces are here, let alone the matching mates for all the other pieces! (the bag was open and on its' side in a tub of toys when I found it, so it's miraculous, really!)
"Looks like the plague. Or Pepto Bismol."
Oh, and there was also a microscope. It looks like it might match the doctor's bag set. With some paint, this could be a REALLY cool piece.
All of the bag items (plus a couple I've needed a spot to store) conveniently fit inside this offbrand kaboodle-type container that was the most expensive thing I purchased. It set me back a whopping $2, but it's a nice prop-storing device!

So, there you have it. $1 worth of playscale props, courtesy of the thrift store and the world's most obsessive-compulsive donator. (Whoever you are, please know that I love you.) Oh, there was *one* more item. It, unlike everything else, wasn't complete. I discovered it could be rigged up to work though, and frankly, I don't think any retail store should be without..
A slide! This is the BEST STORE EVER!!
"Sweetheart, I said I wanted to play doctor!"
"I know you did."


  1. I like how you re-rooted your Punzie so that she has brown hair now. It becomes her. Gives her a different look.

    Thanks for sharing your thrift store finds. Looks like a great haul ;-D!

    1. Hi D7ana! Back when Tangled came out, I was absolutely incensed that there wasn't a brunette Rapunzel doll. I eventually got so obsessed over how unfair it was that I just had to have one, even if it meant making my own, lol! You'd laugh if you saw my first attempts. Thanks for the kind words on my custom!

      I love thrift stores, you can find some amazing treasures!