Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Fix-It Felix Jr. Alarm Clock, or I'm not dead yet!

So, I promised to give a rundown on this thing back when I got it. When was that? November? December? Yikes, and here we are almost halfway through February! Well, better late than never, I suppose.

So after YEARS of saving up Disney Movie Reward points, I finally had enough to "purchase" something cool! An by a fortuitous coincidence, Wreck-It Ralph was newly released at the same time! This was the reward I ended up choosing, the Fix-It Felix Jr. alarm clock!

The site didn't really give a good idea of how big the clock was, but promised that it had sound effects from the game in the movie. These sounds are triggered either by the alarm, or by pressing the enticingly big shiny red button on the console cabinet. The clock takes AA batteries, and doesn't have an option to be plugged in. The alarm can be turned on or off with the conveniently-located switch on the front. For added depth, the joysticks and buttons on the cabinet are actually how you set the time and alarm! This is a really fun feature and I'm glad that it was included instead of boring old buttons on the back or top of the unit.

Ha, I just noticed the time!
The mini cabinet is an almost exact replica in plastic and stickers of the game cabinet from the movie, it is missing the character stickers around the outside of the screen and has added the large red button and second controller set. Compare the picture above to this picture someone took of a "real" Felix game made for the Wreck-It Ralph release promo tour. So how big is this thing? Well...

Yeah, that's totally not going to work, lol.

"Why do those rabbits play this so much?"
If you got really creative with how you shot it in a picture, you could maaaaaybe fake it, but this thing is NOT 1/6 scale.

Rapunzel's never played video games before though, so she's going to give it a whirl anyway.

Ozzie's FIF high score is safe for another day. (Until Max starts doing Pop Rocks and Red Bull shooters and spends another night dedicated to reclaiming that spot on top of the leaderboard, that is.)

So, since Rapunzel's not going to work for this thing, maybe it's time to bring in someone a little more... scale-appropriate?

"Who, me?"
Someone  like... well... okay you got me, this little gal doesn't have a name yet. She's a mini doll (Pullip, maybe?) that I got from the totally random skill crane machine at Wal-Mart. She usually hangs out with mini-Blythe on my shelf. They've been all about this little red wagon Christmas tree ornament, but maybe, just maybe we can entice her to try out something new?
Not a perfect match, but very, very close. I guess it depends on your interpretation of how old she's supposed to be, but here she looks like an adorable little kid, desperately wanting to play some games! If only she wasn't so short!Nothing an improvised booster seat can't fix, though!

Bottom line? For a "free" item, this is great. It's very lightweight and a little cheaply made, but the detail is there and the fact that the buttons and knobs actually DO something is a terrific bonus. If I could just get back into my DMR account, I'd be saving up points for the next prize this cool.
"Where's the controller?"

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  1. Purr: Hm... she (the little bigheaded doll) kinda looks like her mom was an Addams family fan or something. *looking at her eyebrows* She dyes her hair, clearly.