Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful dolls Pt. 2: Oz

So now that we've seen China Girl (aka China), let's have a look at her buddy Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs. Also known as Oscar Diggs, or just Oz. (Or, as Purr reminds me, his initials spell out OZ PINHEAD!)

One thing you'll note immediately is that PINHEAD here has a BIG HEAD. It's not just his hair making his head look big, his head is actually kinda big.

When I ordered this doll, the preview photos all showed his hair slicked back in what appeared to be a solid mass. Imagine my surprise to discover that he actually has beautifully rooted hair! Tollytots Oz comes with his outfit, his spiffy top hat that won't really sit on his head unless you squish it on a bit, a small "China Girl" figure with LaLaLoopsy-mini-type articulation (boo, I'd hoped for more!), his travelling bag (not shown) and a plastic "O" shape charm that is an antique gold color.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit has laid claim to this charm, and announced he is now to be known as OSWALD the Great and Powerful. Details on that as the situation develops.

Anyway, back to Oz. Check out that hair! Am I the only one who thinks his face looks a bit like Eugene Fitzherbert? Let's compare and see.
Yeah, maybe I imagined it a bit. So here's the first disappointing thing... Oz (and Mini-China) can't stand unassisted for crap. Not even a second after you let go of them, THIS happens:

Second let down, Oz has no articulation in his knees. They're solid plastic, without even a click joint.
Let's take a look at his outfit. The longcoat is nicely done, with a bit of lining in the front. A couple of very loose basting stitches initially hold the coat to the legs of his pants.
And BOOM! Suddenly he looks like a waiter!
Under the coat, Oz has a nice set of pinstriped slacks with elastic waist, and a satin dress shirt with sewn-on double-breasted vest and bow tie. The vest only appears on the front half of the shirt, though.
He also has these completely awesome pair of ankle boots!
Here's a look at the disappointing articulation on Oz.
Seriously, look at that head! HUGE! That's also as high as he can raise his arms straight out and how far he can spread his legs.

"May I have this dance, miss?"
So, can a Mattel version of Eugene share clothes with Oz? Well.. sort of. Eugene's a little bigger than the Tollytots doll, with bigger feet and (apparently) broader thighs, so neither the shoes or pants will fit the Mattel body. The dress shirt is just *barely* big enough to fit around Eugene's torso, but the coat fits great.

With the addition of his dress slacks and the boots from the Disney Store celebration 2-pack, Eugene's ready to test ZZ Top's assertion that every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man.

Note, it appears to be working.

Also note: Eugene's mop of molded-on hair barely does better at keeping the top hat on his head than Oz's rooted hair. He looks like a shyster Abe Lincoln in that hat.

Here's a closer look at Mini-China Girl. She has five points of articulation (leg/knees, shoulders and head), and oddly enough her range of motion for her head is tremendously better than the 14" figure. She can turn her head 360 degrees, and even angle it up and down. 

All in all, I'm left with a mixed reaction to Oz. The nice rooted hair (with sideburns) basically just offsets the disappointing articulation and weird proportions of the doll itself. The suit is nice, but the hat won't sit on his head. The mini doll of China is a great bonus, but neither she nor Oz himself can stand unassisted.

Rapunzel, however, looks adorable in that hat!

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  1. Purr: Okay, that is a Ken doll with some completely random head attached to it. Maybe one of those boy band dolls heads?

    Also, nice undies Oz. *rofl*