Friday, February 22, 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful dolls Pt. 1: China

"Who, me?"
So, as I indicated on my journal, one of my most favorite parts of the original Wizard of Oz book was Dorothy visiting the country of the china people. Not *chinese* people, but people made of china. I noticed that the trailers show a little china doll girl, and discovered that YES, they made a doll of her!

You can guess what came next.

Whoosh, off to! While there, I saw that there was a figure of Oz himself that came with a small version of the china doll girl. Since I've got next to no willpower, I got them both ordered, and they came in the mail today. First, let's have a brief look at... huh. Her name is actually "China Girl" according to the package. What the heck, hopefully she has an actual name. For now, let's call her "China".

She's BIG. 14" tall, and ball-jointed! Her body is plastic, and very posable. Altogether she has 13 points of articulation: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. It's hard to see in these photos, but her whole body is covered with a series of "cracks" that make her look like an antique. They also do a pretty good job of hiding the join between the two halves of her head. Not perfect, but very passable.

Her dress looks very lacy and fancy, but the only actual lace on it is at the neck. The rest of the lace is a printed pattern on the fabric of the dress. The dress also has a little ruffle of light tulle-like fabric which adds a lot of believability to the printed detail of her dress. A bold blue and white striped ribbon serves as a belt, and is sewn into place so that you don't wave to worry about tying a bow in it if/when you redress her.

She also comes with an "old gold" color plastic charm with her initials. (Yes, Cg)

She has a sweet face, with subtle blush and bright red lips that set off her big blue eyes. A pair of black Mary Jane shoes is molded on to her feet, and the overall effect is very much like something you'd find in your grandmother's house. Seriously, I could put China here on the dresser in my Grandma's room and she would fit right in. Don't dare me to prove it, because I *will*.

She feels very solid, except for her head, which is much lighter than the rest of her. She doesn't have a great range of motion in her head. While she has a 180 degree range of motion side to side, there's next to nothing in the up and down department. I'm almost not convinced that what up and down movement she has is intentional.

Under her dress, she has a pair of molded-on undies with a surprising amount of detail. She's got a thick torso, and next to no waist at all. Wait a sec... I've used that phrase recently! Can China wear the Dora Explorer Girl outfit I bought to try on G. Rapunzel?

"I shall call her MINI-ME!"
It's a pretty close match, actually! The waist of the skirt is still a bit big, even after I tried sewing some elastic in it. I still haven't closed up that sewn-in slit on the blouse. Hey, I never claimed to be a seamstress. Look at the difference in size between the full-size China and the little one that comes with Oz! Just as interesting, have a look at G. Rapunzel back there, in China's dress!
"I don't HAVE bad hair days."
The waist is way too big, but you can tell it wouldn't take a whole lot of altering to make the dress look perfect on the 17" singing dolls. Here they are side by side, so you can get an idea how big China is compared to the 17" Disney Store Rapunzel.

China is a LOT of fun to pose! Her hairstyle is so timeless that just this change of clothes makes her look perfectly modern. She also seems very well made, and has no trouble holding her pose or standing. Funny thing; since she is so tall, she actually is posed crouching a bit in the box to fit. You'll have to google for box photos, I destroyed the heck out the boxes the minute I got home with my new toys today. :)
Am I gonna need to smack you one?
The doll I received has a tiny flaw. There is an itsy bitsy hole in the back of her left hand where you see that black spot. I thought it was a speck of dirt at first, but on closer examination I found it to be a hole! It's not bad though, and I think it gives her character. She's a tough little gal, and don't you forget it!

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