Saturday, February 9, 2013

G. Rapunzel: Dora's Explorer Girls outfit

I made the gamut of thrift stores in a town a ways out of my usual treks today, and while there I found a Tuesday Morning store! I didn't find any Pullips or anything that exciting, but I did notice these Dora's Explorer Girls doll fashions. They've had the actual dolls in the past, but today a few fashion packs was all that was there. (And Madame Alexander dolls. SO many of those creepy little clone-face things!)

I almost passed the fashions over, but then got to looking closely at them and wondered if they might fit my custom 17" singing Disney Store Rapunzel? The set I got is "Movie Night". The other three sets; "Surf & Sand" (swimwear), "Sports Styles" (tennis wear), and "Charity Concert" (Weird rock outfit with guitar and a SHINY gold jacket) were all there, but the uncertainty about whether they'd fit or not stayed my hand.

In the package it certainly looks like a close match, doesn't it?

With a few snips of the tape holding the top of the container closed, we're ready to find out!

The tray holding the clothes and accessories slides right out, and so far so good... except for the millions of little purple threads holding the clothing on the card. Arg. Break out the nail scissors for this one. You'll need them.
First up, the shoes. They're narrower than Rapunzel's foot, and not big enough for her feet. The clothing?
HA! Oh... yikes. The top is a great fit, but the skirt is made for someone sans a waist!The way the set is attached on the card disguised how much fabric is in this skirt! Glad I skipped the rock concert outfit and it's jeans, now!
A safety pin to simulate taking the waist of the skirt in a bit, and it looks pretty good, though! (Except where the top is bunching weird.) One thing I noticed though...
The top has this very carefully added slit under the right arm. What's that about? Nothing a needle and some thread won't fix, though.
Lastly, there are the (hollow backed) box of popcorn and the soda bottle. These are WAY too small for G. Rapunzel, but I'm sure her smaller friends will be happy to have them. This set was marked $2.99, but it rang up just barely under $2, which almost sent me back for another set just in case. I'm not driving back to find out any time soon, but maybe I'll run into some of these again?


  1. Purr: That top is cute. And it shouldn't be too hard to take in the skirt.

  2. That slit is supposed to be there. The dora doll could be plugged into the computer, so there is a slit to accommodate that. It is not a mistake.

    1. Ah! That explains it! I thought it was probably something like that since it was finished around the slit, but I've never examined one of the dolls up close to confirm it. Thanks! :D