Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More thrifty stuff!

As part of my new year's resolution, I'm going to try and get all the old material I've collected for the blog posted before putting up new stuff. So here's another post of old collection stuff! There's a warehouse store a town or two over that carries a wide variety of closed-out merchandise. About a month ago, I picked up these three items for 20% off. I was really excited to see a Liv doll on the shelf!
 There is some info about the Liv line on the back of the box, along with some cute pics.
The inside flap of Alexis' box has a little story about the doll and more cute pictures of the dolls.
Here's Alexis in the box. I love all the great, detailed accessories that come with the Liv dolls! Besides her wig, earrings, sundress, leggings and boots, she also comes with a white tank top, a cute pink jacket, scarf, a cardboard portfolio, a bit of art, some "colored pencils", and a purse. She also has a plastic comb and code for the presumably defunct Liv website.
Here's everything out of the package. You can see the art that goes in her portfolio a little better. I'm not sure if she's supposed to be native american, but this doll looks very Cherokee to me. Something about the combination of her dress, boots and hair color/style really makes me think she looks Cherokee. She also has gorgeous hazel eyes!
 Different shoes don't make that much of a difference...
Even different clothes aren't that much of a change...
 This green sweater and skirt are from a Kari Mitchell Barbie clone set from Big Lots. All this green really brings out Alexis' eyes!
The long blonde wig I bought with Alexis is a pretty big change, and it jars out that "Cherokee" vibe I was getting. This wig came with a pair of markers for you to color the wig with, but I'm just not into the idea. Seems like it would make a mess, and the markers had dried out anyway. The shoes are from a Re-Ment set, and took some effort to get on her feet.
 I don't really think I care for her with blonde hair, but it certainly doesn't look bad at all. The pair of cute flower barettes came with the wig, and are shaped like flowers. One has a long, trailing green ribbon.
Back to her silky, wavy chocolate brown hair. I swapped the tight jeans skirt for a full, fluffy pink skirt from the Megahaul post. Here's an interesting fact for you: the plastic tennis shoes from an Only Hearts Club doll will fit Liv with just a little squeezing on! I don't know if other OHC shoes will work, but these sneakers work well at least!
The Stardoll was purchased mostly for her glittery pink heels, which I thought would look fantastic on Catty Noir. Unfortunately they don't want to stay on her feet. Rapunzel is happy to try on the outfit from the set, though. I could have sworn I posted these pics before, but I didn't find anything with them on the blog. The jeans-leggings look great on her, but the top looks like maternity club wear. She's snagged the wallet and flowers from another purchase that I made earlier, a Ken suit set.
It looks pretty darn good on Eugene, even if it does feel a little cheaply made. It also includes a grey vest, which he's wearing, but doesn't show up well.
I think that the vest could have been helped considerably by a snap closure. It tends to gape open and vanish under the jacket.
These two are just ridiculously photogenic together!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Midnight Magic 2012-2013 Comparison

Family Dollar put out some new Midnight Magic girls, new versions of last year's characters and new ones that have pets and translucent bodies.

Just like last year, the dolls come with activation codes for the website. I picked up Mila so I could compare her to last year's model.
The dolls are actually the same height, don't let the poorly fitting stands fool you. The dolls are very similar, but there are a few key differences. For one thing, this year's versions have better fitting clothes.
 The shoes are the same mold as last year, but the color is just slightly different.
The bodies are similar, but the arm molds have more definition and better-sculpted (and finished) hands this year. Note that there is still bits of mold remnant on the doll from last year. The wrist joint is also done differently.
As is the elbow joint. (whoa, impending wardrobe malfunction!)

The rooting on the dolls seems about the same. Compare last year: 
And this year:

 The legs and torso haven't changed, though.
She's not terribly flexible, but her knees do bend.

For $5, she's not a bad Monster High fakie.
I made sure I got a Mila whose dress was a little on the small size, because I suspected Abbey would look great in it. I was right!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dress-up with Elsa and Anna

I've discovered that a lot of the Barbie clothing doesn't fit Rapunzel very well, so I thought I'd try it on Elsa and Anna. This long magenta dress looks pretty good on Elsa.
This pair of soft plastic Barbie heels look pretty good on her, too!
They don't fit the articulated Disney bodies quite as well as they would fit Barbie, but it's a passable look.
Anna looks almost disturbingly hot in this Spice Girls dress and J-Doll heels!
Elsa is strangely sultry in Jasmine's costume with her original shoes.
The girls are having lots of fun with the Winx stage so far! The box back from the Beatrix Girls doll I bought makes a pretty good backdrop, too!

Liv Sophie and Purse set

I found this set at Steele's back before Christmas, and never got around to reviewing it until now. You've actually seen the scarf and hat from this set on Eugene and Rapunzel back during the snow day photos. I hadn't seen this set before, so I was very surprised to see a "new to me" Liv item!
Weirdly enough, the box is not a uniform size. The back has an indent behind the purse.
Here's everything in the box, still in the box. I'm immediately drawn to the awesome little glasses.
And here's everything out of the box! It's a little hard to tell, so you'll just have to take my word for the fact that the child-size purse is painted up almost exactly like the doll's purse. The doll herself is the standard early-version Liv body. The wig seems to be the typical Liv quality.
Sophie's feet come wrapped in plastic, but I'm not sure that the shoes actually drop dye. I've unwrapped them, and so far they don't seem to be picking up dye from the shoes.
The shoes are cute. The jeans are a disappointment. There's already a seam coming loose on them. And the material feels cheap and almost papery.

The cute pattern on the jeans doesn't exactly match the purses, but it's similar enough that you'd believe it's an outfit that a young woman put together with similar design elements. 
The shirt is also kind of disappointing. The plastic staples that held her scarf in place also left big holes in it. I just realized I didn't take pics of the coat, but it's probably the best made piece in the set. (Whoops)

The sleeves are 3/4 length, and it has a combination of high waist and double-breasted look closure.

Another view.
Here's a view of the inside of the jacket.
And the back. This coat is pretty cool, but will only look its best with a long-sleeved shirt. With short sleeves, it looks sort of undersized.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Oh, Christmas Spree! Oh, Christmas Spree!

I didn't get any new toys for Christmas, but I did get money to buy a few!

First up is this Winx Concert Stage set with a doll. I grabbed this set for about $11 with tax because some thoughtful person had torn open the box and the store wasn't sure if everything was in there. I was only interested in the doll (or rather, her clothes), so I didn't care if the stage was all there or not.
As it turned out, everything was in there! I'm sort of pondering the potential the stage has for displaying/photographing dolls now. It came with three spots to pose dolls (one is connected to that star-shaped wand on the side - you can twist it to spin dolls around, or move back and forth to position them on stage), two bottles of water, a hairbrush, a mic headset, a guitar, a pair of sunglasses, a carrying case, and a standing microphone that you can remove for a handheld. That's a pretty cool feature.
Monster High dolls seem to float when in the stands, but Nii makes it work while modeling Black Carpet Clawdeen's outfit. Sadly, Nii's too thin for the included doll's blouse (without some alterations), and the leggings look downright ridiculous on her. The boots were tight, but I'm calling them a fit. Yay new boots!
I also found Ever After High's version of Monster High crossover character C.A. Cupid at Target. She must come in a case by herself, because there had to be about eight of this doll. I picked the one with the faceup I liked best.
I wish the EAH dolls were as cute as their character art. :(
Back of the box. Note that you can see her (clear) stand through the keyhole in the back of the box.
I had no trouble with the box, or with anything about unboxing this doll except for this: SIX INDIVIDUAL HEAD STAPLES. Six of them. In her head. SIX! That is at least four too many head staples for a single doll!

It may be my imagination, but I don't think her head/face is as round as Raven/Apple/Maddie/Briar. I'll have to dig Raven out and compare them.
Her hair is kind of wonky and flyaway out of the box and after repeated brushings. I should compare her to her MH incarnation too!
Since the Winx doll's clothes were a no-go, I decided to let Nii try on Elissabat's ensemble, minus the shoes. She's cute as heck in this, but that top stains, so back on the original doll it goes!