Friday, December 28, 2012

Rapunzel's First Snow: Photostory

It's Rapunzel's first up close and personal snow, and she's a bit disappointed. The whole time she was in her tower, she is sure that the snowfalls were epic blankets of wintery goodness. Now, she finally has gotten the chance to experience it up close, and the only place the white stuff has lingered at all is in the grounds behind the palace. And it's just stuck fitfully to the grasses above ground level.

Instead of waiting for Eugene to join her, she's thrown on some clothing and darted out the door as fast as the ridiculous heels on her dressy winter shoes will let her. She greatly suspects that there's a conspiracy to slow her down by keeping her in heels.

The soft, mushy ground isn't making this trek any easier, and the wet snow is melting right through her layers of clothing! You can't make snow angels in this stuff, all it can do is get you wet!

With a groan of displeasure, Rapunzel decides to see if it looks like there's some nicer-looking coverage elsewhere.

Several fumbled attempts later, she's finally made some headway in climbing a tree.

Stupid heels.

The princess of Corona pulls herself up, ignoring Eugene's distant calls. If he'd hurried up when she ran through the palace earlier screaming about how it was snowing, he would be here instead of wondering where she'd gone.

Stupid Eugene.

Finally, she gains the top of the tree and forgets all her irritation as she looks out on the frosted hillsides. Up close, the snow is a bitter disappointment, but seen from a distance it is still beautiful.

Rapunzel rests her arm on a snow-covered branch as she takes in the view. Far below, she hears Eugene squawk in alarm as he finally spots her far up the tree. She ignores his complaints for the moment as she appreciates the sight of the distant fields, which look like a vast lacy tablecloth spread to the horizon.

"Eugene!" she shouts at last, forgetting her disappointment with the first snow of winter and his tardiness. "Have you seen this? The whole world is covered up in a big doily!"

It's only after he's climbed up to take a look for himself that she allows herself to be coaxed down and back into the palace for a steaming hot mug of cocoa.

Ah, winter snowfall in Oklahoma. It never fails to disappoint. And now an outtake, where Rapunzel's overly-layered clothing makes her not only look like a Pokemon trainer, but actually triggers a fateful encounter in the tall grass!

"I don't have any pokeballs or food!"

Anyway, that's our story. Not really worth the wait, but at least it's an update, right? Now back to watching the snow melt.

Brrr... How can it be so cold, but not cold enough for the snow to stick!?