Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Giant Rapunzel: Brunette at LAST!

Horrible pictures, but outside is not an attractive place to be right now, especially for something that demands most of my attention.

ANYWAY! Giant Rapunzel has been rerooted! It's only the second finished reroot job I've done on a doll, and the first time doing one with a reroot tool. The method is a lot faster, but criminey, it's a pain to deal with the gluing!

I wasn't able to utilize all of the hair plug holes on the doll, since a number of them (especially around the part) were really small and really close together. I tried one that I thought I might be able to fudge a little, only to discover that it tore. So yes, Giant 'Punzie has a bit of scalp showing along her part, and if her hair falls just right you can spot a thin spot or two, but I honestly felt this was the best I could do without pushing my luck too far. (and really, when am I going to find another 17" Singing Disney Princess for $6 in this shape?)

Side Note: Speaking of purchasing Disney dolls, I was in a Disney Store this past Sunday, and they had the Classic Princess/Prince dolls and Princess accessory sets for $8 each! Didn't buy any, but was VERY tempted!

Giant Rapunzel's hair is a mixed batch of Copper Titian saran and salvaged hair from a couple of other dolls/doll wigs. The result came out better than I'd anticipated, considering the vast difference between the lightest color and the darkest. As you can tell, I'm still working on trimming and straightening out her final 'do.

I've also invested in a pair of Gene shoes for her in bone white. They're pretty simple shoes, and frankly I like the style of the La Souix black heels I previously bought better, but the color of these looks better imo with the colors of her dress.

Unfortunately, La Souix's website seems to have gone the way of the dodo and I haven't found another source for them.

During my shopping spree Sunday I also found some clothes to try on G. Punzie.. stay tuned!


  1. I like the mixed colors in her hair, it looks more realistic. ^^

    I am Purr, btw. XP

    1. It would, if the mixes didn't fail at looking uniform in places. There's a big giant chunk of Copper Titian (the lighter color) all by itself on one side of her head where I ran out of the other hair.. and patience, lol.