Sunday, November 18, 2012

In depth: Giant Rapunzel

I suppose I'm more or less calling 17" Disney Store singing (Giant) Rapunzel "Done". Her reroot is as good as my current skill level can take it, and she's even got a complete change of clothes now!

I took her out for some pictures in natural light this afternoon and was pleased to see that her hair has a much more "red" tint in natural light than it does in artificial light.

Her dress has a few small oily looking stains on it, it had these when I bought it and I'm a bit nervous about trying to launder them out. I have this unfortunate tendency to make things WORSE when I try to repair them, so I've become a bit gun-shy about taking on too much delicate work on things like this. I think this doll originally had no shoes, although she has the arched foot that the other 17" Singing Princesses share. It really bothers me to see unshod feet that were made to wear heels, so I've purchased a couple of pairs of Gene-size shoes for her. The fit is great! Plus she can stand in them unassisted for the most part!

A little closer up on her face and you can see her blended hair color is a pretty decent match for her eyebrows! I wish I could say that was completely intentional, but it's really a happy accident!

Little Miss Hand-Me-Downs?
I mentioned the other day that I'd found an outfit set for Tonner's Little Miss Matched at Toys R Us, marked down to $7. It looked like the set would be a close match for G. Punzel, so I took a chance. The teal vest, while cut, is just barely big enough to go around her chest, and while I could definitely see Rapunzel wearing mismatched socks, these will not actually go up over the calves on the doll. There is also a reversible piece, the gray/black and hot pink thing around her waist. I'm not really sure what you'd call this article of clothing, but like everything but the boots in this set, it's a little tight and I probably won't use it.

The stretch pants are a little tight but look pretty decent. Meanwhile the top has an unfortunate tendency to stick out if you're not careful about smoothing it down. The velcro just barely meets in the back, but it looks fine as long as you're only seeing her from the front. You may notice that I've also discovered that Stardoll stands can help keep 17" princesses upright! It's not a tight/sturdy fit, but it works pretty well!

Don't be fooled by the forced perspective, that rain boot is enormous.
The shoes are nothing short of ridiculous on her. They're so big that even putting one of the sock on G. Punzel just barely kept it on. They're cute, but absolutely useless as fashion options for this doll. I'm thinking of offering them, the three socks and the teal vest for trade if anyone wants to swap something for them.

I'll probably keep her in her dress for the most part, but it's nice to have something a little different to put on her every now and then. Her dress does cover up that her sitting posture is pretty goofy. When seated, her legs bow out at the knee, but her ankles stay close together. At least she can cross her ankles this way! The dress does make it harder to climb trees, though!
The breeze in my hair feels nice! Ahhh!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wreck It Ralph: Sgt. Calhoun doll!?!?

Jiminey! LOOK at that high definition!!

 Available in a limited run for $100 from the Disney Store right now. Not a perfect likeness, but close enough that I'm sorta wishing I had one.

Giant Rapunzel: Brunette at LAST!

Horrible pictures, but outside is not an attractive place to be right now, especially for something that demands most of my attention.

ANYWAY! Giant Rapunzel has been rerooted! It's only the second finished reroot job I've done on a doll, and the first time doing one with a reroot tool. The method is a lot faster, but criminey, it's a pain to deal with the gluing!

I wasn't able to utilize all of the hair plug holes on the doll, since a number of them (especially around the part) were really small and really close together. I tried one that I thought I might be able to fudge a little, only to discover that it tore. So yes, Giant 'Punzie has a bit of scalp showing along her part, and if her hair falls just right you can spot a thin spot or two, but I honestly felt this was the best I could do without pushing my luck too far. (and really, when am I going to find another 17" Singing Disney Princess for $6 in this shape?)

Side Note: Speaking of purchasing Disney dolls, I was in a Disney Store this past Sunday, and they had the Classic Princess/Prince dolls and Princess accessory sets for $8 each! Didn't buy any, but was VERY tempted!

Giant Rapunzel's hair is a mixed batch of Copper Titian saran and salvaged hair from a couple of other dolls/doll wigs. The result came out better than I'd anticipated, considering the vast difference between the lightest color and the darkest. As you can tell, I'm still working on trimming and straightening out her final 'do.

I've also invested in a pair of Gene shoes for her in bone white. They're pretty simple shoes, and frankly I like the style of the La Souix black heels I previously bought better, but the color of these looks better imo with the colors of her dress.

Unfortunately, La Souix's website seems to have gone the way of the dodo and I haven't found another source for them.

During my shopping spree Sunday I also found some clothes to try on G. Punzie.. stay tuned!