Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rapunzel vs. Rapunzel!

So I have claimed a new Disney Store brunette Rapunzel! I honestly thought I'd feel a lot more divided about keeping my custom Rapunzel as my fave, but honestly it's no contest. Tangled Ever After brunette Rapunzel comes with a wedding dress, but it's not the same exact dress as the blonde Ever After version that was out just a few months ago. This is a plainer, and I'd almost say cheaper-looking version of the dress.

Since I only have one wedding dress, I've got my Punzie in the best bridesmaid dress I could find, a Stardoll dress. Like the other Stardoll tops/dresses, this one doesn't close completely in the back on Liv-bodied custom Rapunzel.

DS (Disney Store) Rapunzel can't stand unassisted, so I used some Stardoll stands to introduce the girls properly.

It looks like this dress has a big petticoat under her skirt in the box, but in reality there is no petticoat, it's just a mass of paper under her skirt. The skirt of the dress is so long that it really needs the extra support, without it the hem of the dress buckles underfoot.

I was expecting the new fully-jointed body that the newest blonde Rapunzel has, so finding the barbie-legged older body was a bit of a disappointment. DS Rapunzel has pointed feet and weird little flat shoes that are obviously going to go from zero to lost the instant the clear rubber bands holding them on are taken off.
Here are the girls, undressed. And nope, I don't warn for doll nudity, because I find the notion of doing so to be pretty darned goofy. (it's a plastic DOLL, ffs!)

DS Rapunzel is actually a little taller than my Rapunzel (unless she's in heels!), and has no articulation at the waist or ankles. Her knees have the standard Barbie-type click to bend joints. I'm not sure why she looks so pale in this pic, the color difference doesn't seem nearly as pronounced irl!

Let's take a look at the girls' faces. DS Rapunzel's hair is much redder than my custom's, and it's cut a bit shorter. It comes with a goodly amount of gel in the front, probably to keep her hairstyle intact. The face mold appears to be identical, as best as I can tell (they both have that cute little half-smirk going on) but they're painted quite differently. Even if I swap their outfits, you can still tell very easily which is which, even by just looking at the faces.

DS Rapunzel's eyebrows are, for some reason, orange. This would make some kind of sense if they were trying to reach a happy middle ground that would work for both blond Rapunzel and brunette. Maybe that's what's going on? DS Rapunzel's lips are tinted with a striking magenta lipstick as opposed to the earlier model's more natural light pink. DS's freckles are also more pronounced, but the biggest difference is the eyes. DS's eyes are painted to be smaller, with demure lashes and a more blue-green iris. The shade line below the eye is a light brown, which stands out better than the earlier light green. Over all, I like my earlier Rapunzel's eyes better, but I admit I like that shade line and those lashes. Maybe a little custom paint is in order?

Progress on giant Rapunzel is going slooooow. It took a lot of effort to get her head off without breaking her neck completely, but I finally managed it! I'm now pulling out her old hair plugs and looking for new hair. I did buy her a pair of shoes, though. (I know, I know... but those arch-molded feet being shoeless just.... BUGS me. A pair of La Sioux heels look great on her! Lorifina shoes, btw, are WAY too big! The heels I wanted were white, but since these were really cheap, I took black ones as a substitute. If Giant Rapunzel comes out good, I'll look for more.

Incidentally, this doll will NOT hold her severed head. I tried to get her to do so as a Halloween-type gag, and she just refused to comply. I'm looking for a reddish-brown hair to use on her, similar in color to the new DS Rapunzel. Anyone have any suggestions?

"Dance with meeee!" 
"T-that's okay, I'll just watch."

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