Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thrift store finds, pt 2

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I found some pretty nifty stuff on a recent bout of thrift store roaming.

Here are the two neatest finds so far. A 17" singing Disney Store Rapunzel and a sewing chair. The chair is dusty and it's pincushion seat is in DIRE need of reupholstering. (yowza, the 60s called and they want their garish floral prints back!) I gave $2.50 for it. It's all wood, and those little dowels are for holding spools of thread.

Rapunzel is in decent shape, save for the fact that her hair was one. Solid. Tangled. Mass.  If you turn her on, she still sings "When Will My Life Begin" (loudly!), though. I brushed (and brushed and brushed and brushed) her hair just to see if it was possible to untangle it, and the final answer is "sorta".  There was a goodly amount of hair loss, however. There are a few plugs on the right-hand side of her face that are just plain gone now. But since I plan to try and re-hair her (if I can), that's no biggie. I paid $6 for her. She even still has her petticoat!

She's also got a few spots and stains on her dress, and on her feet (looks like something may have gnawed a little on her as well but not too bad), which I'm hoping come out. I originally bought her thinking she was the size of a Moxie Teenz doll and that I could re-body her... yeah, that's not going to work.

To give you a sense of scale, here's Princess Rapunzel (modeling the horrible attempt I made at sewing a kimono and somehow made too small!), a Moxie Teenz doll, and Giant Rapunzel. I really should have thrown Eugene in there going "OMGWTF?!"

Giant Rapunzel's range of motion isn't great. She can kneel almost convincingly, but she has fairly poor motion in her arms (her right arm is mostly limp, which is either due to rough handling by her prior owner or possibly on account of the mechanism that makes her sing when you touch the diodes on her hand), and her head has nearly no up and down motion. She originally came with no shoes, but the wave 2 version of this doll comes with purple heels.

Let's get back to the chair. This thing is all kinds of cool. While it would never be a convincing diorama piece (unless you had a doll who was some kind of avid knitter or something?), it's a really fun take on a pincushion/thread holder. The drawer actually opens to hold small items, so you could be working on a small project (like a doll dress) and have everything but a full-size pair of scissors tuck away neatly while you take a break.. and your model could relax in the seat until you needed her.

The chair's a bit big for an 11" doll (Rapunzel's feet don't touch the ground on it!), too small for a 17", but the Moxie Teenz doll seems to be almost exactly in scale with it. She looks politely annoyed. Maybe she's just glad she gets to keep her body?

All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with the purchases so far. We'll see what I think after I try and re-hair Giant Rapunzel, though! Hm. I wonder if the collection of Moxie Girlz dolls I have no use for will net enough brunette hair to do it?

"I always wanted a big sister!"

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  1. Whoot! Giant Punzie!!

    Yes, you should have thrown Eugene in. You totally should have.