Monday, September 10, 2012

Playline Brunette Rapunzel: Coming soon?

So if you know anything at all about me by now, you know I have been ticked off royally at the lack of brunette Rapunzel dolls. For crying out loud, I made myself one and it only took me two "Mattel" versions and a Disney Store version to learn how to re-root without completely destroying the doll's head!

There was a 17" wedding version of Rapunzel released in a limited edition, which I really really wanted... until I saw her shoes. My gosh, Disney Store... why don't you at least TRY if you're going to put her in shoes?

So I just found THIS on someone else's blog, and you probably heard my squeal of delighted shock from where ever you were sitting at the time. A timeline accurate wedding Rapunzel with SHORT BRUNETTE HAIR as part of the "Classics" doll line! (if it turns out to be a hoax I'll be furious!) Finally an official brunette Rapunzel that I can afford! I've seen a combo pack of brunette wedding 11" Rapunzel and Eugene on ebay this week also, but the sellers all seem to be in Europe and think I'm made of money or something.

Gotta say though, looking at those pics makes me a bit self-conscious about the job I did on Punzie. Her hair is mousier, longer (I got afraid to cut it down more once I had a decent rooting done!), and rougher-looking. And I'll let you in on a secret- she's got some nicks in her right ear from where I got over-zealous with the X-acto knife while shaving off some stubborn blonde/glue gobs.

Will I get one? Oh heck yes.

Will I rebody it and use it in place of my "Princess 'Punzie"? I don't know. On the one hand my Rapunzel is special and I like her best. On the other hand, she's special and I'd be crushed if I somehow ruined her. I guess we'll see how the official version compares in person.

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