Saturday, August 25, 2012

Abbey vs. Abbey (Ghouls Rule)

Even though Abbey Bominable is my favorite MH character, I only owned one doll of her until this past week. Most of the other girls were done up *distinctly* in their multiple doll incarnations, but Abbey's dolls always felt "redressed" to me. Sure, her makeup was slightly different, but she always had the exact same hand mold (she has these large, clawed, extremely elegant hands and I would dearly love to see her get a hand mold that doesn't look like she's waiting for fingernail polish to dry!), and her hairstyle typically looked like they'd just tried to alter the existing style instead of coming up with something new to me.

Long. Straight. Pulled back from her face. Tri-colored bits in the back.

Her Roller Maze doll has shorter hair, but includes these streaks of green that I haven't been that pleased with in the photos I've seen.

In the store, I noted that "Ghouls Rule" Abbey had snowflakes painted around her eyes and her signature tri-color swatch of hair was to the side instead of in the back of her scalp. Good enough for me.

Yowza. This girl is GLITTERY. Regular Abbey is glittery, but the body of GR Abbey is like an iridescent disco ball. Oddly, her face is *less* glittery than regular Abbey, which I suppose is to make her snowflake eyes and turbo-glittered lipstick show up better? (see a boxed version here on ebay since I didn't take unboxing pics.)

First thing's first. The "belt", headpiece, shoulder pad things, etc = gone. The headpiece I do like, but not on top of this Abbey's hair. She's got a lovely side part that's completely obscured by it. Compare her to my original Abbey, who does look great in that headpiece. I think she's claiming it for now. Ah, you may notice that my Sig. Abbey has a tiny braid. She doesn't come that way.

The "belt" and its' spray of cyan "ice" doesn't add much to the dress, imo. Firstly, the dangling ice is only present on the front. Let's leave the "front only designs" to Barbie, 'k Mattel?  Secondly, the minute I saw it, I imagined the dangling ice done in ice blue beads and I've been unable to like the cast plastic ever since. It's less grievous than the shoulder pad things, though. I could see using the belt down the line, but the shoulder things? No.

The "skin" color of the two Abbey's is just slightly different. I think I like her better with the lighter colored lipstick. (I could, of course, do without the glitter) I get what Mattel was doing, going totally over the top with each monster theme, but I'm just not huge on glitter. Growing up in the 80's, I noticed that when a line of dolls started in with gimmicks like turbo-glitter and cheap (but shiny!) metallic fabric, its' days were numbered. This tends to make me find glittery/metallic/gimmicky things a bit off-putting.

GR Abbey's hair length is pretty much the same as her signature doll, which is a shame. I'd really have loved to have seen Abbey rocking some almost floor-length hair, maybe tied in a (very) low ponytail ala Zoroark, with a chunky ice crystal hair tie. Keep that colored side-swept bit out separate, though!

Take a look at GR's shoes! It's hard to tell, but they have a gorgeous pearly iridescence! The molded plastic "fur" on top of them is in interesting touch, but they'd be beautifully-done ankle boots even without it. (LOOK at the glitter difference on those legs!)

All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with the new doll. She is definitely distinct enough that I don't mind having two of the "same" doll in my collection, and her outfit is attractive. The unfinished edges may fray over time, but with the ragged broken ice crystal look that it is arguably going for, I don't really find that a minus. I can think of a few things I'd like done differently (hair vs accessories), but over all she's my favorite of the Ghouls Rule line.

A word of warning, though - this doll SHEDS her hair at first. Sheds like a cat trying to lose a winter coat.

Final Score: B+

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