Friday, December 28, 2012

Rapunzel's First Snow: Photostory

It's Rapunzel's first up close and personal snow, and she's a bit disappointed. The whole time she was in her tower, she is sure that the snowfalls were epic blankets of wintery goodness. Now, she finally has gotten the chance to experience it up close, and the only place the white stuff has lingered at all is in the grounds behind the palace. And it's just stuck fitfully to the grasses above ground level.

Instead of waiting for Eugene to join her, she's thrown on some clothing and darted out the door as fast as the ridiculous heels on her dressy winter shoes will let her. She greatly suspects that there's a conspiracy to slow her down by keeping her in heels.

The soft, mushy ground isn't making this trek any easier, and the wet snow is melting right through her layers of clothing! You can't make snow angels in this stuff, all it can do is get you wet!

With a groan of displeasure, Rapunzel decides to see if it looks like there's some nicer-looking coverage elsewhere.

Several fumbled attempts later, she's finally made some headway in climbing a tree.

Stupid heels.

The princess of Corona pulls herself up, ignoring Eugene's distant calls. If he'd hurried up when she ran through the palace earlier screaming about how it was snowing, he would be here instead of wondering where she'd gone.

Stupid Eugene.

Finally, she gains the top of the tree and forgets all her irritation as she looks out on the frosted hillsides. Up close, the snow is a bitter disappointment, but seen from a distance it is still beautiful.

Rapunzel rests her arm on a snow-covered branch as she takes in the view. Far below, she hears Eugene squawk in alarm as he finally spots her far up the tree. She ignores his complaints for the moment as she appreciates the sight of the distant fields, which look like a vast lacy tablecloth spread to the horizon.

"Eugene!" she shouts at last, forgetting her disappointment with the first snow of winter and his tardiness. "Have you seen this? The whole world is covered up in a big doily!"

It's only after he's climbed up to take a look for himself that she allows herself to be coaxed down and back into the palace for a steaming hot mug of cocoa.

Ah, winter snowfall in Oklahoma. It never fails to disappoint. And now an outtake, where Rapunzel's overly-layered clothing makes her not only look like a Pokemon trainer, but actually triggers a fateful encounter in the tall grass!

"I don't have any pokeballs or food!"

Anyway, that's our story. Not really worth the wait, but at least it's an update, right? Now back to watching the snow melt.

Brrr... How can it be so cold, but not cold enough for the snow to stick!?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

In depth: Giant Rapunzel

I suppose I'm more or less calling 17" Disney Store singing (Giant) Rapunzel "Done". Her reroot is as good as my current skill level can take it, and she's even got a complete change of clothes now!

I took her out for some pictures in natural light this afternoon and was pleased to see that her hair has a much more "red" tint in natural light than it does in artificial light.

Her dress has a few small oily looking stains on it, it had these when I bought it and I'm a bit nervous about trying to launder them out. I have this unfortunate tendency to make things WORSE when I try to repair them, so I've become a bit gun-shy about taking on too much delicate work on things like this. I think this doll originally had no shoes, although she has the arched foot that the other 17" Singing Princesses share. It really bothers me to see unshod feet that were made to wear heels, so I've purchased a couple of pairs of Gene-size shoes for her. The fit is great! Plus she can stand in them unassisted for the most part!

A little closer up on her face and you can see her blended hair color is a pretty decent match for her eyebrows! I wish I could say that was completely intentional, but it's really a happy accident!

Little Miss Hand-Me-Downs?
I mentioned the other day that I'd found an outfit set for Tonner's Little Miss Matched at Toys R Us, marked down to $7. It looked like the set would be a close match for G. Punzel, so I took a chance. The teal vest, while cut, is just barely big enough to go around her chest, and while I could definitely see Rapunzel wearing mismatched socks, these will not actually go up over the calves on the doll. There is also a reversible piece, the gray/black and hot pink thing around her waist. I'm not really sure what you'd call this article of clothing, but like everything but the boots in this set, it's a little tight and I probably won't use it.

The stretch pants are a little tight but look pretty decent. Meanwhile the top has an unfortunate tendency to stick out if you're not careful about smoothing it down. The velcro just barely meets in the back, but it looks fine as long as you're only seeing her from the front. You may notice that I've also discovered that Stardoll stands can help keep 17" princesses upright! It's not a tight/sturdy fit, but it works pretty well!

Don't be fooled by the forced perspective, that rain boot is enormous.
The shoes are nothing short of ridiculous on her. They're so big that even putting one of the sock on G. Punzel just barely kept it on. They're cute, but absolutely useless as fashion options for this doll. I'm thinking of offering them, the three socks and the teal vest for trade if anyone wants to swap something for them.

I'll probably keep her in her dress for the most part, but it's nice to have something a little different to put on her every now and then. Her dress does cover up that her sitting posture is pretty goofy. When seated, her legs bow out at the knee, but her ankles stay close together. At least she can cross her ankles this way! The dress does make it harder to climb trees, though!
The breeze in my hair feels nice! Ahhh!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wreck It Ralph: Sgt. Calhoun doll!?!?

Jiminey! LOOK at that high definition!!

 Available in a limited run for $100 from the Disney Store right now. Not a perfect likeness, but close enough that I'm sorta wishing I had one.

Giant Rapunzel: Brunette at LAST!

Horrible pictures, but outside is not an attractive place to be right now, especially for something that demands most of my attention.

ANYWAY! Giant Rapunzel has been rerooted! It's only the second finished reroot job I've done on a doll, and the first time doing one with a reroot tool. The method is a lot faster, but criminey, it's a pain to deal with the gluing!

I wasn't able to utilize all of the hair plug holes on the doll, since a number of them (especially around the part) were really small and really close together. I tried one that I thought I might be able to fudge a little, only to discover that it tore. So yes, Giant 'Punzie has a bit of scalp showing along her part, and if her hair falls just right you can spot a thin spot or two, but I honestly felt this was the best I could do without pushing my luck too far. (and really, when am I going to find another 17" Singing Disney Princess for $6 in this shape?)

Side Note: Speaking of purchasing Disney dolls, I was in a Disney Store this past Sunday, and they had the Classic Princess/Prince dolls and Princess accessory sets for $8 each! Didn't buy any, but was VERY tempted!

Giant Rapunzel's hair is a mixed batch of Copper Titian saran and salvaged hair from a couple of other dolls/doll wigs. The result came out better than I'd anticipated, considering the vast difference between the lightest color and the darkest. As you can tell, I'm still working on trimming and straightening out her final 'do.

I've also invested in a pair of Gene shoes for her in bone white. They're pretty simple shoes, and frankly I like the style of the La Souix black heels I previously bought better, but the color of these looks better imo with the colors of her dress.

Unfortunately, La Souix's website seems to have gone the way of the dodo and I haven't found another source for them.

During my shopping spree Sunday I also found some clothes to try on G. Punzie.. stay tuned!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Vanellope Von Schweetz racer toy review

So Wreck-It-Ralph opens in theaters this Friday, and I'm psyched! I found this little cutie at Wal-Mart today, oddly enough on the Bratz/Monster High aisle instead of on the display with the other WIR toys. Come to think of it, those other toys (Ralph and Felix figures, Ralph "Smashing" hands) had a different color scheme on their packaging. So.. we're making a distinction between 'Boys' and 'Girls' toys for the same line? Nice one Thinkway/Disney. Not.
So here we have a mini figure and kart based on female main character Vanellope Von Schweetz from the Sugar Rush game/world. The packaging notes that Vanellope fits in the kart.
Here's the back of the package, which notes various design elements of the kart and shows you a tiny preview of the other two figures in the series.

Let's play The Price is Right for a moment. What would you expect to pay for this mini figure and her kart? Vanellope stands about two and a half inches high. I was anticipating this being a $7.99 set, maybe $10 tops. My cash register receipt shows that they rang up as $13.95, though! Holy crackers, why so expensive? You can buy a very basic Monster High doll for that!

Here's Vanellope.She features three points of very basic articulation. I'm counting both her arms as a single point because they're joined together. You can sort of pull one side up higher than the other... sort of but not really.

Vanellope is very cute, with her Twizzler hair tie, candy sprinkled hair and mis-matched leggings. She sort of looks like a precocious little Candy Land orphan or something.

The drawbacks? Besides the disappointing articulation on her arms, her hip joint just *barely* moves. This means getting the hole in her feet to line up with the peg in her kart can be challenging. Additionally, Vanellope is so top-heavy that it's only with lots of trial and error and pure luck that will allow her to stand unassisted. Finally, her paint is rather rough in places.

Here's the kart, which seems to be a a chocolate-coated, sprinkle-bedazzled conglomeration. It's worth noting that unlike the other two karts shown on the back of the package, none of of the wheels on Vanellope's kart match up. The back wheels are oreo-lookalikes in vanilla and chocolate, and the fronts are.. well I'm not sure what they are. The left front looks like a lemon slice, and the right looks like a peppermint with an oddly-detailed picture of a strawberry on it. Christmas candy, maybe? The tires are gummy worms, according to the package, and the spoiler is a strawberry wafer. (Holy crap, I want to eat this car!)

"oof! I should nibble myself a door!"
The only thing I can think of to justify the crazy-high price tag on this set is the incredibly detailed go-kart. For the price tag, there's not a lot here. The kart is very nicely detail and looks utterly edible. (Make those oreo lookalikes matte-finished, and I would not be above considering licking this thing) It rolls very easily, too! The driver figure is very well sculpted, and has a nice level of detail, but the poor paint control and she leans forward like she's eagerly anticipating something when you can actually get her to stand.

Let's have a look at her in the kart, and and see how the full effect works out.

Okay, I've got to admit that's adorable.

Still, the peg and socket don't really line up, resulting in a rather loose fit. It doesn't take much of a jog to knock her clean out of the kart!

To sum up, I wouldn't really recommend this toy, even though the character is cute and the car toy looks utterly edible. It does a nice job of depicting the character and vehicle, if the commercials are anything to go by, but it's not really a $13.95 toy.

 Edit: Just to make this more puzzling, the Disney Store version of this toy that features additional sculpting on the car and a LOT of extra paint detail... plus a key-activated motion feature. 

It retails for $9.50. What the heck?

Bonus update:
I'm rerooting Giant Rapunzel using a tool and some saran I got on ebay. The color is a bit lighter than I was anticipating, so I've been supplementing the saran with the extremely nice hair from my extremely easily broken Midnight Magic (Monster High clone) doll. I'm sure the hair isn't the same type, but I'm hoping that gradually blending more and more of the saran in will result in something that looks okay. If not... well I guess I can yank it and start over with a hank of additional saran.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rapunzel vs. Rapunzel!

So I have claimed a new Disney Store brunette Rapunzel! I honestly thought I'd feel a lot more divided about keeping my custom Rapunzel as my fave, but honestly it's no contest. Tangled Ever After brunette Rapunzel comes with a wedding dress, but it's not the same exact dress as the blonde Ever After version that was out just a few months ago. This is a plainer, and I'd almost say cheaper-looking version of the dress.

Since I only have one wedding dress, I've got my Punzie in the best bridesmaid dress I could find, a Stardoll dress. Like the other Stardoll tops/dresses, this one doesn't close completely in the back on Liv-bodied custom Rapunzel.

DS (Disney Store) Rapunzel can't stand unassisted, so I used some Stardoll stands to introduce the girls properly.

It looks like this dress has a big petticoat under her skirt in the box, but in reality there is no petticoat, it's just a mass of paper under her skirt. The skirt of the dress is so long that it really needs the extra support, without it the hem of the dress buckles underfoot.

I was expecting the new fully-jointed body that the newest blonde Rapunzel has, so finding the barbie-legged older body was a bit of a disappointment. DS Rapunzel has pointed feet and weird little flat shoes that are obviously going to go from zero to lost the instant the clear rubber bands holding them on are taken off.
Here are the girls, undressed. And nope, I don't warn for doll nudity, because I find the notion of doing so to be pretty darned goofy. (it's a plastic DOLL, ffs!)

DS Rapunzel is actually a little taller than my Rapunzel (unless she's in heels!), and has no articulation at the waist or ankles. Her knees have the standard Barbie-type click to bend joints. I'm not sure why she looks so pale in this pic, the color difference doesn't seem nearly as pronounced irl!

Let's take a look at the girls' faces. DS Rapunzel's hair is much redder than my custom's, and it's cut a bit shorter. It comes with a goodly amount of gel in the front, probably to keep her hairstyle intact. The face mold appears to be identical, as best as I can tell (they both have that cute little half-smirk going on) but they're painted quite differently. Even if I swap their outfits, you can still tell very easily which is which, even by just looking at the faces.

DS Rapunzel's eyebrows are, for some reason, orange. This would make some kind of sense if they were trying to reach a happy middle ground that would work for both blond Rapunzel and brunette. Maybe that's what's going on? DS Rapunzel's lips are tinted with a striking magenta lipstick as opposed to the earlier model's more natural light pink. DS's freckles are also more pronounced, but the biggest difference is the eyes. DS's eyes are painted to be smaller, with demure lashes and a more blue-green iris. The shade line below the eye is a light brown, which stands out better than the earlier light green. Over all, I like my earlier Rapunzel's eyes better, but I admit I like that shade line and those lashes. Maybe a little custom paint is in order?

Progress on giant Rapunzel is going slooooow. It took a lot of effort to get her head off without breaking her neck completely, but I finally managed it! I'm now pulling out her old hair plugs and looking for new hair. I did buy her a pair of shoes, though. (I know, I know... but those arch-molded feet being shoeless just.... BUGS me. A pair of La Sioux heels look great on her! Lorifina shoes, btw, are WAY too big! The heels I wanted were white, but since these were really cheap, I took black ones as a substitute. If Giant Rapunzel comes out good, I'll look for more.

Incidentally, this doll will NOT hold her severed head. I tried to get her to do so as a Halloween-type gag, and she just refused to comply. I'm looking for a reddish-brown hair to use on her, similar in color to the new DS Rapunzel. Anyone have any suggestions?

"Dance with meeee!" 
"T-that's okay, I'll just watch."

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thrift store finds, pt 2

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I found some pretty nifty stuff on a recent bout of thrift store roaming.

Here are the two neatest finds so far. A 17" singing Disney Store Rapunzel and a sewing chair. The chair is dusty and it's pincushion seat is in DIRE need of reupholstering. (yowza, the 60s called and they want their garish floral prints back!) I gave $2.50 for it. It's all wood, and those little dowels are for holding spools of thread.

Rapunzel is in decent shape, save for the fact that her hair was one. Solid. Tangled. Mass.  If you turn her on, she still sings "When Will My Life Begin" (loudly!), though. I brushed (and brushed and brushed and brushed) her hair just to see if it was possible to untangle it, and the final answer is "sorta".  There was a goodly amount of hair loss, however. There are a few plugs on the right-hand side of her face that are just plain gone now. But since I plan to try and re-hair her (if I can), that's no biggie. I paid $6 for her. She even still has her petticoat!

She's also got a few spots and stains on her dress, and on her feet (looks like something may have gnawed a little on her as well but not too bad), which I'm hoping come out. I originally bought her thinking she was the size of a Moxie Teenz doll and that I could re-body her... yeah, that's not going to work.

To give you a sense of scale, here's Princess Rapunzel (modeling the horrible attempt I made at sewing a kimono and somehow made too small!), a Moxie Teenz doll, and Giant Rapunzel. I really should have thrown Eugene in there going "OMGWTF?!"

Giant Rapunzel's range of motion isn't great. She can kneel almost convincingly, but she has fairly poor motion in her arms (her right arm is mostly limp, which is either due to rough handling by her prior owner or possibly on account of the mechanism that makes her sing when you touch the diodes on her hand), and her head has nearly no up and down motion. She originally came with no shoes, but the wave 2 version of this doll comes with purple heels.

Let's get back to the chair. This thing is all kinds of cool. While it would never be a convincing diorama piece (unless you had a doll who was some kind of avid knitter or something?), it's a really fun take on a pincushion/thread holder. The drawer actually opens to hold small items, so you could be working on a small project (like a doll dress) and have everything but a full-size pair of scissors tuck away neatly while you take a break.. and your model could relax in the seat until you needed her.

The chair's a bit big for an 11" doll (Rapunzel's feet don't touch the ground on it!), too small for a 17", but the Moxie Teenz doll seems to be almost exactly in scale with it. She looks politely annoyed. Maybe she's just glad she gets to keep her body?

All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with the purchases so far. We'll see what I think after I try and re-hair Giant Rapunzel, though! Hm. I wonder if the collection of Moxie Girlz dolls I have no use for will net enough brunette hair to do it?

"I always wanted a big sister!"

Monday, September 10, 2012

Playline Brunette Rapunzel: Coming soon?

So if you know anything at all about me by now, you know I have been ticked off royally at the lack of brunette Rapunzel dolls. For crying out loud, I made myself one and it only took me two "Mattel" versions and a Disney Store version to learn how to re-root without completely destroying the doll's head!

There was a 17" wedding version of Rapunzel released in a limited edition, which I really really wanted... until I saw her shoes. My gosh, Disney Store... why don't you at least TRY if you're going to put her in shoes?

So I just found THIS on someone else's blog, and you probably heard my squeal of delighted shock from where ever you were sitting at the time. A timeline accurate wedding Rapunzel with SHORT BRUNETTE HAIR as part of the "Classics" doll line! (if it turns out to be a hoax I'll be furious!) Finally an official brunette Rapunzel that I can afford! I've seen a combo pack of brunette wedding 11" Rapunzel and Eugene on ebay this week also, but the sellers all seem to be in Europe and think I'm made of money or something.

Gotta say though, looking at those pics makes me a bit self-conscious about the job I did on Punzie. Her hair is mousier, longer (I got afraid to cut it down more once I had a decent rooting done!), and rougher-looking. And I'll let you in on a secret- she's got some nicks in her right ear from where I got over-zealous with the X-acto knife while shaving off some stubborn blonde/glue gobs.

Will I get one? Oh heck yes.

Will I rebody it and use it in place of my "Princess 'Punzie"? I don't know. On the one hand my Rapunzel is special and I like her best. On the other hand, she's special and I'd be crushed if I somehow ruined her. I guess we'll see how the official version compares in person.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thrift Store Finds!

Made the rounds of the thrift stores here and a few at the next town over today, and found some pretty nifty stuff!

Today though, we're concerned with this clothing pack and one other item.

I found this My Scene fashion pack for just $3 in an "antique" store that's one of my favorite stops. (Favorite because of the unbelievable range of merchandise. Everything from McDonald's toys to actual for-real antiques!)

So let's crack this thing open and see what we've got and if it'll fit Punzie! Poor Eugene, he didn't get anything this trip.

Le open!

So we've got a pair of shoes that I'm completely uncertain about, a pair of sunglasses, a cute denim dress and matching beret, and a sheer blouse. I like that the colors aren't perfect matches, but everything goes together believably. It makes for a pretty realistic outfit. (If you don't mind the notion of kneehigh Ugg boots with a miniskirt, that is.) So let's see it on! Sorry for the bad pic! As you can see, the sheer overshirt is long! The sleeves are over-long on Rapunzel. The beret is actually too small, but will stay on with a little effort. The glasses are a great fit, however. The boots are a little small, requiring some effort to get all the way on Punzie's Liv body feet. The denim dress is made for a body a little thicker than a Liv on, and I've cinched the elastic a bit to make it work.  
Not the greatest fit in the world, but very passable for $3! Let's see this in a better light! And you can see my other great find, this orange bench! Just $1, this was originally a votive candle holder. The seat is pretty low, (and it has two holes in it!) but I think that if I make a seat cushion, it'll fix both the problems. As you can see, Eugene's not that impressed. Well I'm not impressed with his too-short pants that still manage to be too big. So there, Eugene! (On that note, if you've got suggestions for clothing for Eugene and his Fashionista Ken Moxie Jake body, leave a comment!)
Rapunzel's pretty happy with the outfit, and the quality of the clothing definitely exceeds the price I paid. The shoes are pretty much the only part I don't really care for, but they do fit better than the beret does. If I come across more of these fashions/packs, I'll probably be tempted into picking them up.

 Thanks for reading!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Abbey vs. Abbey (Ghouls Rule)

Even though Abbey Bominable is my favorite MH character, I only owned one doll of her until this past week. Most of the other girls were done up *distinctly* in their multiple doll incarnations, but Abbey's dolls always felt "redressed" to me. Sure, her makeup was slightly different, but she always had the exact same hand mold (she has these large, clawed, extremely elegant hands and I would dearly love to see her get a hand mold that doesn't look like she's waiting for fingernail polish to dry!), and her hairstyle typically looked like they'd just tried to alter the existing style instead of coming up with something new to me.

Long. Straight. Pulled back from her face. Tri-colored bits in the back.

Her Roller Maze doll has shorter hair, but includes these streaks of green that I haven't been that pleased with in the photos I've seen.

In the store, I noted that "Ghouls Rule" Abbey had snowflakes painted around her eyes and her signature tri-color swatch of hair was to the side instead of in the back of her scalp. Good enough for me.

Yowza. This girl is GLITTERY. Regular Abbey is glittery, but the body of GR Abbey is like an iridescent disco ball. Oddly, her face is *less* glittery than regular Abbey, which I suppose is to make her snowflake eyes and turbo-glittered lipstick show up better? (see a boxed version here on ebay since I didn't take unboxing pics.)

First thing's first. The "belt", headpiece, shoulder pad things, etc = gone. The headpiece I do like, but not on top of this Abbey's hair. She's got a lovely side part that's completely obscured by it. Compare her to my original Abbey, who does look great in that headpiece. I think she's claiming it for now. Ah, you may notice that my Sig. Abbey has a tiny braid. She doesn't come that way.

The "belt" and its' spray of cyan "ice" doesn't add much to the dress, imo. Firstly, the dangling ice is only present on the front. Let's leave the "front only designs" to Barbie, 'k Mattel?  Secondly, the minute I saw it, I imagined the dangling ice done in ice blue beads and I've been unable to like the cast plastic ever since. It's less grievous than the shoulder pad things, though. I could see using the belt down the line, but the shoulder things? No.

The "skin" color of the two Abbey's is just slightly different. I think I like her better with the lighter colored lipstick. (I could, of course, do without the glitter) I get what Mattel was doing, going totally over the top with each monster theme, but I'm just not huge on glitter. Growing up in the 80's, I noticed that when a line of dolls started in with gimmicks like turbo-glitter and cheap (but shiny!) metallic fabric, its' days were numbered. This tends to make me find glittery/metallic/gimmicky things a bit off-putting.

GR Abbey's hair length is pretty much the same as her signature doll, which is a shame. I'd really have loved to have seen Abbey rocking some almost floor-length hair, maybe tied in a (very) low ponytail ala Zoroark, with a chunky ice crystal hair tie. Keep that colored side-swept bit out separate, though!

Take a look at GR's shoes! It's hard to tell, but they have a gorgeous pearly iridescence! The molded plastic "fur" on top of them is in interesting touch, but they'd be beautifully-done ankle boots even without it. (LOOK at the glitter difference on those legs!)

All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with the new doll. She is definitely distinct enough that I don't mind having two of the "same" doll in my collection, and her outfit is attractive. The unfinished edges may fray over time, but with the ragged broken ice crystal look that it is arguably going for, I don't really find that a minus. I can think of a few things I'd like done differently (hair vs accessories), but over all she's my favorite of the Ghouls Rule line.

A word of warning, though - this doll SHEDS her hair at first. Sheds like a cat trying to lose a winter coat.

Final Score: B+

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Retail Gods Smiled Upon ME!
The Princess' New Clothes!

For months now, I've been eyeing those Stardolls in their shiny new packages at Wal-Mart. I *knew* most of them had shoes that would fit Monster High dolls. And I *suspected* that most, if not all of their clothes would fit Punzie. BUT! Did I dare spend $23 apiece to find out?

No, I did not.

Last night, I discovered our local Wal-Mart had put all their remaining Liv and Stardoll stock out for a few bucks off. $18 each now. Hm... no. Today, I went back. Partially to see if the Ghouls Rule Abbey I knew they had in the back had made it out onto shelves yet (she hadn't), and partially to try and find the movie novelization for ParaNorman (not there, either). My quest to read this thing is a post on its' own, trust me.

Dejected, I swung over to the clearance table, noting that there were no dolls left. Sigh. A glance down one aisle revealed... STAFF! I scurried down the aisle as the shapes of doll boxes became apparent. All the remaining dolls were being marked down to $4 each. The clearance was for 1/2 off marked prices. I was sitting on top of the haul of the year with no competition yet!

I grabbed one each of all the remaining Stardolls and nabbed an abandoned wagon. All told, I bought 21 dolls, including two Skull Shores Frankie's. I think one of my dolls was nabbed out of my cart, since I got home without the sleepover Liv Daniela that I remember picking up. Since I got home, I've been prying open boxes and trying clothes on Rapunzel.

Eugene got a new outfit too, grabbed from a boy band doll whose band I'd never heard of before. The pants, they are HUGE on him! The waist is absolutely gargantuan. I don't know if it's something my mediocre sewing skills can fix or if they're just going to be write-offs.

Rapunzel hasn't wanted out of the purple sweetheart Stardoll outfit since I got it on her. The very top of the bodice closure doesn't quite meet, but it still looks fantastic on her. The hosiery is too long, but I've already accidentally put a hole in them. (oops) The jacket sleeve length is too long, but I think it makes her more adorable. The shoes fit her great, and she seems to like them even though they have a bit of a heel on them.

I'm not sure if I over-purchased on my little doll-buying spree, but I'm definitely enjoying posing these two in some new outfits.

Intro! And.... GO!

It was pretty much a given thing that I was going to have to build a playtime-exclusive blog. 

That is, if I didn't want to alienate my friends who didn't want doll/toy/family movie-related stuff coming at them all the time.

So here we go, toys, movies, tv shows, anything and everything that relates to my personal philosophy that yes - "Growing Up Is For QUITTERS". Because hey, if you lose your sense of fun, if you totally abandon the ability to be a kid - what's the point?

So thanks for coming to check this madness out. I hope you enjoy your stay.