Saturday, March 17, 2018

Preparing to say farewell to Toys R Us

The news is that as most of us feared, Toys R Us is closing down. It's the end of an era, for certain. I see several people claiming that this can only be good news for the few remaining mom and pop style toy stores out there, but I can't help but think that the clock is ticking on those as well. TRU hasn't been the main competitor for those stores in ages. Know what is? The internet. Those mom and pop stores can't offer the variety that eBay, Amazon, and do, just to name a few.

There hasn't been an announcement yet about when the closing date will be for the last two TRU stores within "driving distance" for me, but I'm hoping to make it into one of them one last time during the final clearance event. Hm. The Final Clearance. That sounds ominous, doesn't it?

I can't help but think that one of those two TRU stores was half the reason I *went* to shop in one of those towns I frequent. Without it, I will probably not be going back over there. It's too far to just go visit Target and the Tuesday Morning that I have found so much great stuff in. And I can't help but think that there will be a lot of people like me, who are interested in toys, or who are into collectables, or (not like me) who have kids, who will likewise stop "going places" to shop if they haven't already.

I can still remember the first time I went in a Toys R Us. It was mind-blowing for little-me. A *huge* entire store of nothing but TOYS. A store bigger than the ones where my mom went shopping (endlessly) for clothes at the malls, but for TOYS! Some of them you could even play with! I think I got some small item but I no longer remember what it was. The main thing that stuck with me was the *experience*. There were toy stores in the malls and outlet centers usually, but even the floor to ceiling mountains of stuff at Kay-Bee were nothing compared to the sheer volume of STUFF at TRU.

I remembered finding this doll shirt at the thrift store ages ago, and went digging for it. Kohl's found some TRU Happy Meal toys as well, hiding in the back of her closet. If we make it back for one Super Toy Run before the doors close for good, I'll have to try and remember to take her with me. But in case we don't, thanks for the memories, Toys R Us. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Mismatched Chelsea

Another random find at the thrift store was a nude Barbie Chelsea doll, which I *almost* left in the bin.


Almost. Chelsea and her friends don't interest me, except occasionally as potential clothing donors for Ember, so there's only one reason why this little doll made the trip home with me and claimed what I think is a Sparkle Girlz mini doll dress for her own, and a pair of shoes that I found one at a time over the course of about three weeks. So, why did this doll get purchased when so many of her kin did not?

Sittin' like a pro
She's got articulated knees! She's also got a lever in her back that prompts her right arm to swivel a bit back and forth, but that's not nearly as interesting. Her tights are painted on. This garish dress is the only thing I've got that kind of matches those pink legs at this size. The shoes, crazy enough, also kinda match the dress. Good thing she's got some, they hide the faint chew marks on her feet.

Maybe she's not so mismatched, after all?

KinderJoy flash cards, or are they game cards?
Her hips also allow her legs to swing out, if desired, so she can sprawl out in the floor with flash cards or maybe ride a teeny-tiny horse or something.

She can even cross her ankles! Now if only she could bend her elbows. Or at least, get a brush through her hair!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Barbie Glam Getaway House

Wow, it was been a long time since I updated.

I'm back with another treasure from the local thrift shop! Bringing my total Barbie house count up to THREE, I present to you the Barbie Glam Getaway House, ca. 2017.

View from the front, note the missing stickers.

View from the back with more missing stickers.The action figure dog kind of creeps me out but I like the stonework.

Stepping in through the front door, you can already see that this house is a kaleidoscope of pinks. We have more missing stickers here in the kitchen, along with surfaces designed to work with the new pegboard-styled Barbie accessories. There's also a section of countertop that folds open to create a small table area..

...Like so! This set should also have included two chairs according to Google, but so far I haven't seen them yet. It would be nice if any of the drawers or the oven opened, but they are just stickers.

Turning to the side, here is the bedroom, where we're missing a light fixture. The bed is pretty neat. As you can see, it collapses against the wall beside the hope chest.

Extended, it's pretty good sized! As you can see, the bedspread and a few other small pieces were in there, too. I think the bed is my favorite part of this whole thing. The footboard is also missing stickers, and the top has the pegboard pattern on it. (As does the hope chest)

The last room on our tour is the bathroom, which features a foldaway toilet and the world's most minimal shower. Note the teeny-tiny shower head on the top of that wall! At least there's a towel for the towel bar, though!

Who thinks it would make a neat medieval cottage with a repaint? (How to explain the toilet/shower, though?) Note: not pictured is the rest of this purchase, which included probably a gallon of doll clothes and tiny Star Wars toys.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

The box that became a Star Wars room! Almost.

I really like the boxes the Forces of Destiny dolls come in. They're an interesting shape. They're weirdly engaging. Specifically, I really like the box that Endor Leia comes in.

Recycled picture. Whoops.
Look at the shape of it, the way the art wraps in from the sides. It reminds me a little of the box Buzz Lightyear came in, way back in 1996 or so. Anyway, I was trying to think of something to do with this box. I mean, it seemed such a shame to toss it in the trash and be done with it.

Ingredient #1: DUCT TAPE!
So then I got to thinking: what if it was a window? Originally I thought about it being a control console for a spaceship, and then I thought about it being just a large window for a bedroom. Special thanks for the new cutting board and cutter set to my best friend, who positively spoiled me this birthdaymas!

For now, I've got the box glued in place and the main wall taped to it. The secondary wall is attached with toothpicks along the seams. I might still add a door or something to it. Not sure yet, actually.

The representative from the planet Sanrio dropped by to say hi.
It's be enough to frame up important meetings between characters, so it could be either one! Going to have to put up some paper to block out the cardboard and the Leia/Wicket silhouettes, though.

 That ceiling's a little low for Pullip dolls, though. Sorry, Kohl.

"Am I in the Langoliers or something? There should be SPACE out there."

Going to have to do a little cleanup in there, as well. Got some loose plastic hanging around.

Surprising amount of fast food premiums in this picture. Thanks McD's and BK!
The window makes a neat little alcove for a bed to sit in, too. Just turn on your bedside lamp and stargaze until you fall asleep! You know... if there were stars instead of a blank void.

Rudolph's never getting his bed back. Sorry, guy.
Wampa plush pillows are the only Wampas you'll ever want to be this close to.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Yet More Christmas Haul!

After looking, and looking, and looking, I finally found the single-item Sanrio Barbie fashion items!

But first, let's talk STAR WARS! Specifically, the Forces of Destiny dolls!

I'm fairly sure the "our cameras are watching you" security tags are because of creeper me lurking the toy aisle all the time.
They're on clearance. And Endor Leia is just $17, somehow cheaper than the action-doll and droid sets. They clock in at $19. Wicket, I love your badass murder teddybear self, but I would swap you in a heartbeat for either of those droids.

 The "slimbox" dolls are just $9. Incidentally, check the prices on the new Barbie Fashionistas, some of them are ringing up for $5!

 I've wanted Endor Leia since I saw the first promo pics of her, so I snapped her up. And a few other things. Chococat and My Melody shirts: GET! Skipper Babysitter boy: GET! Punky Roses Barbie Fashion pack: GET!

Confession: I only got the fashion pack for the rose shirt. The dress is a mostly shapeless sack and the asymmetrical red skirt doesn't do much for me. The "leather" jacket is kinda neat, but the 3/4 sleeves are kinda dumb. I've got an idea for recycling Leia's box into a backdrop. While I was waiting on some glue to dry... this happened:

Here's a fun fact for you: Leia can wear curvy Barbie dresses with a little cinching. Looks better on her than on ANY of my other dolls. I love redressing my dolls, and honestly I'm getting a kick out of Leia the grunge punk rock princess. Oh, if the royal court of Alderaan could see her now.

Speaking of seeing things, here are a couple of interesting items I spotted on my last trip to Toys R Us:

Tiny, TINY styling heads! These could be awesome styling heads for your dolls. Because even our toys like to have toys!

Mysticons action figures. I think I saw a commercial for this on YouTube. I'm not really sure what it's about, but I like the character designs. Plus the name 'Mysticons' sounds like Decepticons that turn into mythical creatures and that's an amazing idea that makes me smile. Really though, check out the likeness between doll and artwork on these. It's fantastic.

Here's a few of the smaller Mysticons toys. I was a little surprised that there were no straight-up dolls for this line. They kind of remind me of the old 80s She-Ra characters, how about you?

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Early Christmas Haul!

Got my birthday/Christmas early from my best friend, and among other things, she snared me a TON of the Sanrio Barbie fashions I've been pining over!

Cyanne and Rapunzel are already living it up. It's a bit of a let-down that the Chococat dress and the My Melody Skirt are one-sided, but everything is cute as it can be!

I mean, it IS Sanrio, after all!

Wander wants in on this cute-kitty action!

Kohl, meanwhile, is lazing around in the cute dress and boots she got. I found some of the babysitter Skipper dolls today and picked one up for just $4.50! The doll itself was pretty cute, so I'll be hanging onto her for a while. In the meanwhile, everyone is looking pretty festive!

It's just too bad the little bit of snow we had this morning is already gone. Louise has a brand new sweater that she's dying to show off. Instead of a cute weather photo, it's a dark indoor shot with a photobomber in it. Better luck next time, Louise. There's still time for a photo opportunity before Christmas!

Best wishes for your holiday hauls!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Marked-down Target Haul!

Found a bunch of Target merch at a resale shop today! Everything from Our Generation dolls to board games and even some Star Wars stuff. I could have spent a lot, but I managed to keep it under control. I did treat myself as well as a couple of others. Here’s my haul, minus a few gifts I can't post because SOMEBODY will see:

Prices on packaging are not the final prices after discounts.

This gorgeous blue-haired Barbie has been on my wishlist since she was announced. She was $6. I also got Jyn Erso, who ended up being barely over $1! The two Worlds Smallest blind boxes that I kept for myself yielded a small Pez dispenser and a tiny Hot Wheels car for just $3.50 each. That third one is going to a new home in a week or so.