Wednesday, May 30, 2018

My shoes - I mean, MAI shoes (and special thanks!)

The BFC Ink doll I wigged and have been calling Mai has a problem. I mean, besides her regrettable original hair. Well, and the fact that I seem to have lost her original shirt somewhere in the house. (Where IS it? Did I toss it with some old beyond-repair clothes I got rid of the other day?)

Anyway, the problem I'm talking about is footwear. Mai came to me second (or possibly third) hand, and didn't have any shoes. I have been too cheap to spring for a BFC Ink fashion pack on ebay and the My Life dolls at Walmart have feet that are proportioned differently. So... guess I'm making shoes?

I originally tried some sandals, and while they were cute enough, they didn't stay on her feet. So I decided that it was time to go big or go barefoot: SNEAKERS. I found an American Girl-size pattern and squashed and stretched it in photoshop until I had a pattern that I thought would work for Mai's longer, thinner feet.

These hot glue monstrosities are my first attempt. The fun foam soles are lumpy, there's glue everywhere, and they really didn't want to hold together. I re-cut my adapted pattern and decided to lose the toe caps for something a bit more boot-like, anticipating that it would work better with the leathery-looking material I was using.

Here's attempt #2, which is looking much more Doc Marten-like. There's still visible glue where the things gap and they're uneven-looking, but they look a million times better than the first try! The laces actually came from a pair of American Girl-knockoff shoes in a fashion pack I got somewhere, and they're put in crooked but I think they give the overall effect something extra.

Her socks came from a Journey Girls set, a recent Toys R Us find. Her shirt is a DIY mess made from a set of child's leggings. (Where ARE you, original shirt?!) At least Mai can go outside and play with her feet adequately protected, now. She needs more clothes!

I need to thank The Grandmommy for sending me a goodie bag full of cool stuff, too! My mind's already churning with ideas for that dress, and I  have some notions for the beads and stickers and things, as well! Thank you so much, I can't wait to dive into this lot and see where it takes me!

Friday, May 4, 2018

May the... Wig... be with You?

Probably should be posting about Star Wars day, but instead I have this little tidbit: I made a wig!

I found an 18 inch BFC Ink doll at a thrift shop awhile back and splurged on her. She had an outfit and earrings, but no shoes. Her hair... her hair was literally a wad of crunched-up fibers. I didn't even take a "before" picture. If you go on ebay, search BFC Ink dolls and find one with unbelievable crap standing in for hair... that's basically what it looked like. There was no getting a pick through it, a hot water bath didn't help, and finally in a fit of rage I just cut it all off.


I had every intention of trying to reroot the doll, but after failing to get her head off for fear of breaking her, I decided to wig her instead. After failing to find a wig I liked for her, I saw a video on YouTube of how to make a doll wig and thought to myself "Hey, you have all those wigs you bought on 75% off after Halloween last year, try one of them!" I've used part of one of those to reroot Belle, the EAH Apple White who still doesn't have a face (will she ever?), so I was fairly comfortable with trying it out.

Let me just warn you, though- I am not a hairdresser.

The ends are pretty uneven, but here's how she came out, and it's not completely horrible! A thrifted Elsa toddler dress makes a cute outfit for her. Sheesh, the garden is crazy-overgrown. Maybe she can help out with that?

Gonna have to fix those bangs, but dark hair looks striking with her bright green eyes. I think it's better than her original blonde color, even. I'm tentatively calling her Mai.

Mai does have a shameful secret, though... horribly misplaced hair streaks. The big weft for the center part shifted on me when I was sewing it in place and I didn't notice until it was done!

A careful camera angle keeps it from being super-apparent, though. I've still got a few wigs left, and some crazy hair color options might be fun.

Of course, some *shoes* would probably be a good idea, too!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Catching Up Again (Pics from my phone)

I've got a TON of photos I need to update with. Let's see what's been lurking on my phone.

I found this super-cute Sparkle Girlz mini doll at Walmart ages ago, and thought it looked like a possible fit for Ember. Have these dolls always had molded-on shoes? I was surprised to discover that. At least the outfit isn't another generic fairy-girly-girl dress. Hard to find that.

Ember's weird proportions make this outfit look... a little odd. Poor girl, she's embarrassed.

I saw this nice DC Penguin-themed collector's doll at Tuesday Morning. I love her outfit!

This Madame Alexander Play Snow White doll is another TM find. This one I actually picked up on clearance for about 20% off. She has insanely silky hair!

The other dolls in the collection are also pretty cute! They weren't available, though.

Here's a couple of Walmart finds, clearance Barbie fashions! Just FYI, those adorable pink boots are pretty unkind to Made to Move ankle joints. I haven't broken anything, but there was a tense moment or so getting them off. The item under the blue jacket is a romper-thing that actually seems a little small on the doll. Maybe it'll fit a smaller doll better?

These were the last of the two-fashion packs that our store had. Has anyone else noticed that the outfit fashion packs they're putting out these days don't seem to have shoes? We didn't know how good we had it with these two-packs. Another FYI: those innocent-looking blue shorts? They're covered in glitter.

I found these Re-Ment sets at Books a Million. They have a TON of Re-ment, which surprised me. Maybe because it's been so long since I've been able to go into a book store? Pretty happy with the prizes from these, actually. I should take pictures of what I got and carry them around on my phone for months.

Okay this is the most random picture but hear me out. Seeing *toilet paper* in a Barbie bathroom pack just stunned me. I mean, is this the first time Barbie has had a roll of toilet paper?

That's it for this round. Join me again for another round of "How Long Have I Waited to Post Stuff", won't you?

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Dress #2

Finished my second dress for Grandmommy's contest over at Big and Little Creations today!

Let me just say this; I am NOT a seamstress. My handstitching is pretty terrible and so I apologize for the glaringly obvious and glaringly bad sewing on this dress. My second dress was a purple polka-dotted number with red shoulder straps. I'm not a huge fan of those two colors together, but I felt like I needed to use the color palette I'd been given so this is what happened.

Technically we were supposed to *decorate* the dresses, not completely redo them, so I'm kind of stretching the definition of "decorate", here.

My hot glue game is not that hot these days, but Kohl's giant Pullip head is a little hard to get around. That Made to Move Barbie body though, poses like a champ!

Edit: For those of you interested, this is the original pair of dresses I was sent!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Dress #1

Finally got my contest entry dresses from Grandmommy over at Big and Little Creations today! Here's what I've come up with on the first one; sort of a sparkly party dress? I happened to have the perfect lace to match the shoulder straps!

I kind of feel like Kohl looks like a bridesmaid in this. I'll have to get the second one done soon, too!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

First Day of Spring 2018!

It's finally here and so is the pollen (achoo)! Kohl and Ember ventured out on the first day of Spring to see how things were looking in the garden. I have no idea how tacky it is to wear that top and that pair of pants, but Kohl was dead set on them being together.

It's going to be mowing season soon, and I'm dreading it. Ember will vanish into the brush if I'm not careful.

Kohl is all about the daffodils.

But she also had to explore the seemingly endless field of clover.

I've been working on this doll for a little while. Let's call her Belle. I've drawn about a dozen faces on her, but none have been quite right, yet.

I thought her blank current visage was oddly compelling among all the detailed tiny blossoms. Who *are* you, Belle? What's your deal? Why don't any of the features I draw on you seem to fit? Will your cheapo Halloween wig hair look like crap after it's been brushed out a few times? (very probably on that last one)

She's just an experiment, but I rather like how odd and almost ethereal her neon blue hair and super-pale face look. I have NO clue how to style thing doll. Hopefully one of the next faces I scribble on her will take.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Preparing to say farewell to Toys R Us

The news is that as most of us feared, Toys R Us is closing down. It's the end of an era, for certain. I see several people claiming that this can only be good news for the few remaining mom and pop style toy stores out there, but I can't help but think that the clock is ticking on those as well. TRU hasn't been the main competitor for those stores in ages. Know what is? The internet. Those mom and pop stores can't offer the variety that eBay, Amazon, and do, just to name a few.

There hasn't been an announcement yet about when the closing date will be for the last two TRU stores within "driving distance" for me, but I'm hoping to make it into one of them one last time during the final clearance event. Hm. The Final Clearance. That sounds ominous, doesn't it?

I can't help but think that one of those two TRU stores was half the reason I *went* to shop in one of those towns I frequent. Without it, I will probably not be going back over there. It's too far to just go visit Target and the Tuesday Morning that I have found so much great stuff in. And I can't help but think that there will be a lot of people like me, who are interested in toys, or who are into collectables, or (not like me) who have kids, who will likewise stop "going places" to shop if they haven't already.

I can still remember the first time I went in a Toys R Us. It was mind-blowing for little-me. A *huge* entire store of nothing but TOYS. A store bigger than the ones where my mom went shopping (endlessly) for clothes at the malls, but for TOYS! Some of them you could even play with! I think I got some small item but I no longer remember what it was. The main thing that stuck with me was the *experience*. There were toy stores in the malls and outlet centers usually, but even the floor to ceiling mountains of stuff at Kay-Bee were nothing compared to the sheer volume of STUFF at TRU.

I remembered finding this doll shirt at the thrift store ages ago, and went digging for it. Kohl's found some TRU Happy Meal toys as well, hiding in the back of her closet. If we make it back for one Super Toy Run before the doors close for good, I'll have to try and remember to take her with me. But in case we don't, thanks for the memories, Toys R Us.